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We conducted an interview with Toronto metal/hardcore band DEADWALK on January 17, 2012.

Welcome, guys. How are you? Please, introduce DEADWALK to our readers.

Hello readers. DEADWALK is a metal hardcore band from Montreal Canada. We formed in 2007. We are currently in the studio working on our third release, second full length. We have ex members of TOO PURE TO DIE in our ranks.
We are known for making mosh friendly songs such as Benchpress and Frailty. With this new release we are looking to reshape our band. More mature, heavier, and more aggressive than ever.

Tell us more about your local music scene.

Some great metal bands have called Montreal home in the last decade, bringing some solid acts such as DESPISED ICON, BENEATH THE MASSACRE and CRYPTOPSY, etc.


Montreal is known in North America as being “The metal city”
We also have a great, but not so well known hardcore scene. There are a hand full of great dudes who keep the scene alive and well. They keep Montreal on top and having the best/most hardcore shows in all of Canada.

How’s the Montreal music scene different from Toronto’s?

I love Toronto, it’s a great and amazing city… but our two cities are polar opposites when it comes to music, and the cities themselves.
When it comes to hardcore the majority of kids that attend are from the Montreal area. In Toronto people travel from 2-3 hours away from neighbouring cities and towns. So when you are at a show in Montreal everyone tends to know each other which is a great thing because we have a tight community. I think that’s why we have an older scene.

What’s the biggest hype going around your city right now?

Right now there are a few new hardcore bands: ENFORCERS (ex-A DEATH FOR EVERY SIN), WRONG HANDS, and PLUS MINUS. As well as me and Greg’s side project LAY WASTE.


MYTHOSIS is a great new metal band with members of CRYPTOPSIS. I really like this band and they will get big I’m sure about that. Also my friends in ARISE HORROR, they’ll release a new CD in 2012, another metal band to check out.

Have you done anything in your music career that you look back at today and feel ashamed of? What would you change in your music career if you had a chance to?

I wouldn’t have trusted people so easily. This band has always been held back by putting to much trust into shady people.

Give us a quick tour of your releases.

In 2007 we released an EP named Powerhouse, then 2 years after we released our first full-length ‘Scandalous’ in 2009.

What label would you like to be signed with? How’s the seeking going?

A dream come true would be a label like Roadrunner. But at the moment we are in talks with some serious and well-known labels. We have absolute confidence in the new record.

Tell us about your relationship with Year Of The Sun Records.

We don’t work with Year Of The Sun Records anymore. We both respected our parts of the contract and we are thankful for their help. Now we are looking forward to working with a company that will really suits our needs.

What’s the meaning of hardcore for you?

First off I wouldn’t consider DEADWALK a hardcore band or a metal band, but we are hardcore kids. That said I literally live my life based around hardcore, school, jobs and relationships have always came second to shows. Hardcore really means everything to me. I love the raw feeling of a band like integrity and the messages from a band like JUDGE. Without hardcore I really have no idea what i would have done with my life up to now.
Through hardcore you can travel anywhere in the world and have a friend and a place to stay. I’ve made my best friendships through this sub-generation.

Do you read zines? Why? Please recommend a good zine for us.

Yes i do, my friends run a great zine out of Ontario Canada called Blank Stare. You should check it out. Great interviews!

You will be touring Canada and the U.S. in Summer 2012. What about Europe? Any plans to come up here?

We have all wanted to tour Europe since day one. We are open minded to any touring opportunities/possibilities that come our way. YES IT WILL HAPPEN!

What’s your favourite song/band to cover?

In the past we have covered PANTERA, ONE LIFE CREW, INTEGRITY and few others that I forget, but I’d love to do something like JOY DIVISION or DEATH IN JUNE (make a hardcore version of course) [laughs].

Is there any band you would like to see reunite?

I’m already pretty satisfied with the BACKSTREET BOYS comeback [laughs]. But seriously, there are too many good bands that call quits, and it’s part of the music career unfortunately.


This is the generation of the reunions[laughs]. I just saw the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE reunion and it was amazing. A few months ago i was lucky enough to see UNBROKEN in NYC, it was perfect! I think I speak for Greg and myself when i say we need to see RAMALLAH!!!

Besides music, what’s going in your lives? What would you be probably doing now, if you weren’t musicians?

Talking for myself, I am booking agent for my own company, Motion Nation Group. After the band it takes up all my time.

Thanks! Feel free to shout out or tell our readers anything you want.

Keep an eye open for DEADWALK in 2012. Thank you so much for the support through the years and stay tuned for our new songs and pictures.
Feel free to share our facebook page with your friends @
Hoping to see all of our fans on our 2012 tours!


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