Here’s our quick chat with Belgium’s DIFFERENT STORIES, a melodic hardcore / metalcore act which is about to release its debut album “Incoherent Consistency” on November 3rd, 2012. Scroll down and take a minute to check it out.

Hey! How are you? Please tell us a little bit about your band. What’s your story?

Hi! I’m fine thank you. The story is a long one of many line up changes from way before my time but the core of the story is probably in our name: people often tell the same story, though a completely different one.

[smiles] Cool. As we truly love Belgium for loads of great bands and tunes they produce, we’re also interested in your local area. How’s the Antwerpen scene looking today?

The Antwerpen scene is alright I guess, but we’re not that affiliated with it. We’ve got a lot of bands we hang out with (MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, PERCEPTIONS, NOW VOYAGER, SET THINGS RIGHT) but when you’re in a country as small as ours, without a good platform to promote your music. It’s dumb to stay in a “scene”. “Branch out and be friendly to everyone” is what we like to say. It’s not only the best way to get the word out about your band, it helps you find friends and who doesn’t like some new friends?

Fair enough.

Speaking of different places, do you travel? What other hardcore / metal / punk rock “scenes| [smiles] have you experienced and how would you compare them to your local one?

Nah man, we haven’t gotten to that part yet. We’re getting ready though, if there are any bands who want to tour with us they can hit us up. We’re anxious for the road!

We do try to help out bands who are on the road though, so we do know touring life, just haven’t got to doing it ourselves. We helped out DEAD HARTS on their last EU tour, those dudes are insane, get on it if you haven’t heard about them. Next big thing if you ask me.

Nice. What other bands are you tight with?

PERCEPTIONS, MORE THAN MEETS THEY EYE, NOW VOYAGER, SET THINGS RIGHT, INSIDE THE HAIL and VIVA REVIVAL are probably our closest friends bandwise, but we’ve also got ties with BILLY THE KID, DEAD HARTS, CAMPUS, GREY LIKE MASQUERADE, ZYGOMA DISPOSAL and SOLSTICE. So check all of those bad boys out!

Ok, tell us more about your debut album “Incoherent Consistency” coming out this fall. How will you be releasing it? What distribution channels and formats id you pick up?

We’ll be selling them at shows, iTunes and bandcamp (The Front Agency bandcamp) and wht to tell about it?

I’d just ask of people to check us out and pick something up if they want to support us. All of our money, time and many tears has gone into this album. It’s insane how much work and money an album can cost if you want to get it right!

Funny thing is if you would ask around the band, everybody would still have tons of remarks about the damned thing [laughs].


How many shows have you played so far? Any plans to hit the road after releasing the album?

No idea, we’ve played quite a few shows but I wouldn’t be able to put my finger on an exact number.

Hitting the road, like I said before, would be a dream come true so if anyone wants to hit us up for a tour, we would gladly put something together with them!

What are your other plans for 2013?

Conquer the world, make sure Brecht gets a haircut, play some shows in the UK, first Euro tour and hanging out with as many cool people we can.

Cool. Thanks for the chat, guys. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Nothing I’d like to add but a sincere thank you for this interview and anyone who has read it.

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