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Experimental electronic trip hop duo DEAD LOVE FEAR WAVE streaming new EP

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“New Feeling” is the new EP from Manchester-based duo DEAD LOVE FEAR WAVE which is set for release on 30th September via Infinite Nothing label. Acclaimed songwriter Paul Eaton and producer Jim Spencer have both enjoyed commercial and critical success together and individually having worked with artists such as NEW ORDER, THE CHARLATANS, OASIS, THE CRIBS amongst others.

Citing the work of writer William S. Burroughs, lyrically narrative style of Tom Waits, the non-linear recording approach of Beck’s early work, the synthesis of 808 State, vocals of Ian Brown, guitar of Bert Jansch are just a few of the influences heard in Dead Love Fear Wave’s music. “These were the inspirations, personal and political, quite an uncomfortable mix, but in the end, wholly satisfying.” say the duo. Bringing together a vast array of influences from a wide range of media it would be absurd to try and pigeon-hole Dead Love Fear Wave.

Paul has spent ten years as both an artist and songwriter whilst Jim’s 20-year career has seen him producing, engineering and mixing records for many of the greatest artists and bands on the planet. As explained by the duo, Dead Love Fear Wave is an experiment in sound. “The whole project started as a blank canvas, the aim was to treat it as a vacuous space, and let things happen and grow organically – a definite path outside the commercial objectives that process and confine.”

Speaking about the inspiration and process of creation of “New Feeling” Paul says, “A lot of the EP tracks are about escapism. Not in terms of a hedonistic way but more dropping out or completely leaving the radar of any kind of interaction with society, getting away from any political or cultural influence. It’s kind of about this time when apathy is scorned on so much, making you feel compelled and pressured to get involved with everything and have an opinion on everything, especially with social media. Groupthink takes over and ideas are no longer personal, it’s just a mass of noise without any individualism. So there’s no trust, does anyone do or say anything truly altruistic or is it just ticking boxes to feel part of the crowd, a kind of vanity. Is there anything actually genuine happening, anywhere.”


“Each track has a rare degree of patience, the stark arrangements matched to a real sense of inventiveness that criss-crosses genre lines.” CLASH

“Their experiment in sound, their non-linear recording approach and aim to capture vintage instrumental effects on their music make their sound something quite extraordinary.” MUSIC WEEK

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