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Experimental post hardcore noise rockers HABITAR LA MAR share new atmospheric track “RUINA”

Six weeks later, the second batch of singles extracted from their compilation boxset ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.’, noise rock / post hardcore band HABITAR LA MAR have shared their new single “RUINA”, revealed in a special series and project ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.’, a no-return trip around the four cardinal points of the deepest underground music scenes in Spain.

Thanks to a boxset full of previously unreleased tracks of 24 indie Spanish bands you’ll have the chance to understand how’s the sound of this new generation of independent musicians. ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.’ will be made of 12x 7″ vinyl records (to be released in 4 batches from June 2021 to March 2022), being each of them shared by 2 bands with apparently no connection at all.

But in this limited-edition boxset you won’t only find bands coming from Spinda Records roster as it is also open to others in order to get a solid project for the fans to enjoy. From the psychedelia of Acid Mess, Atavismo, Arenna or The Soulbreaker Company to the heavier sounds of Rosy Finch, Adrift, Domo or Santo Rostro; without forgetting the alternative rock of Medicina, Habitar La Mar, The Dry Mouths and Laverge; the hard rock of Partícula, Saturna or Kabbalah; the progressive rock of Moura, Pyramidal, Híbrido or Cró!; as well as new bands such us Cemënteri, Here The Captain Speaking The Captain Band, Battosai, Mía Turbia or Mondo Infiel. Fitting 24 bands in the same project can be tricky, and it is; but Spinda Records are here to have fun… Spinda Records is here for “fiesta”.

Grados. Minutos. Segundos.‘ works as a subscription, which means that music fans will get both digital and physical releases in 4 batches: June, September and December 2021; and March 2022. The boxset is for sale from 10th June 2021 exclusively at and

The project is limited to 240 hand-numbered boxsets, designed by The Braves Church and including 12x 7″ vinyl records, booklet, download code and stickers, as well as a tee-shirt and tote bag on its deluxe and freak editions. There won’t be reissues, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Music lovers will have the chance to pay the boxset at once or split payments in 2 or 3 months. We want the world to listen to these bands, so we’re making it easy.

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