Experimental post rockers MAIRA touring Europe in April

Experimental multi-genre shoegazin’ post rockers from MAIRA have recently premiered their debut 2-track EP and they’re gearing up for a European tour to present it in its full complexity and glory. The more these guys neglect their various experimental rock/metal roots in favor of hard-to-classify meandering, the more interesting it gets, so it simply must translates to an captivating live experience. They call themselves a blackgaze band, but I bet you’ll hardly notice this side of their creative output. They’re a lot more than that. Listen for yourself and be sure to catch them live if you’re near.

MAIRA live

MAIRA tour!

MAIRA was formed in 2014 to create music, that leads through landscapes – first barren and eerie, and then visually stunning and fascinating.

Waking up in a dark area, dreaming, in the middle of the forest, high trees are taking the light…

Nothing, nothing but the cold, darkness, loneliness to feel, far away from any civilization. Chirping birds in the distance. Hope that tomorrow will come…

Suddenly a sound pierces through the thick leaves, steady, pulsing. Slowly a melody unfolds… it grows. The heart creates new realms, new expectations, until the melody penetrates everything, the battle begins.

The morning arises; the ray of the sun’s first light is winning the battle; so the goddess of dawn pierces the thick leaves, warms the heart… like an island, like an island of the blessed…

Such, or similar emotions are to be released by music, joyful but thought-provoking.

We invite you to follow us on a road full of myths, in the past, when back then as well as today a small ray of light could make a change.

A road everyone experiences differently, a journey into yourself and your heart.

I’m falling and I am free!

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