Alkahest by Niels Vinck
Alkahest by Niels Vinck
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Experimental Shorts – end of February / early March 2024

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This week’s experimental roundup dives into a vibrant spectrum of unconventional compositions and innovative, sometimes really weird and demanding releases.

Roadburn Festival rounds out its 2024 lineup, Ruth Goller and CLT DRP are set to captivate with jazz-infused compositions and a powerful ode to gender fluidity, Adam Wiltzie presents an introspective ambient journey, while Anastasia Coope blends minimal folk with avant-garde touches. Oisin Leech, Kenny Wollesen, and Arms And Sleepers each offer their unique contributions, ranging from introspective folk to dynamic jazz and electronic explorations. Raw, experimental singles, fresh perspectives to dark ambient, electronic-pop, and jazz, industrial, a genre-defying remix, and a lot more. All highlight the endless creative possibilities within the experimental music scene.

Roadburn Festival has unveiled the final additions to its 2024 lineup, introducing 16 new acts including King Yosef, Lord Spikeheart, HIDE, Brigid Mae Power, Hilary Woods, among others, for the event scheduled from April 18-21 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

While the main music program is now complete, details on the side program, art exhibitions, and Paradox jazz club artists are still forthcoming. Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers, expressed excitement about the diverse lineup, emphasizing the festival’s commitment to exploring the depths of the underground music scene across various genres and eras.

The newly announced acts promise a rich tapestry of sounds for festival-goers, from Brigid Mae Power’s ethereal folk-pop to King Yosef’s blend of industrial noise and hip-hop. Highlights include HIDE’s intense live performance, Hilary Woods’ atmospheric compositions from her latest release “Acts of Light”, and the debut of Lord Spikeheart as a solo artist. These artists join an already impressive lineup featuring The Jesus And Mary Chain, Chelsea Wolfe, and many more, setting the stage for a memorable celebration of music’s cutting edge.


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Ruth Goller’s highly anticipated album “SKYLLUMINA” is set to release this Friday, March 1st, 2024, offering a captivating blend of jazz-infused compositions.

Drawing inspiration from her diverse musical background, including collaborations with renowned artists, Goller showcases her exceptional talent as a composer, bassist, and vocalist.

Featuring collaborations with esteemed drummers, each track on the album unfolds with its own distinctive rhythm and energy.

Brighton-based CLT DRP shakes up the music scene with their new single, ‘Until You Showed Me,’ a powerful ode to gender fluidity and love, released on February 28, 2024, through Venn Records.

This electro-punk trio, known for their feminist stance and innovative sound, blend pulsating rhythms with poignant lyrics to explore themes of identity and affection beyond the binary norms.

Produced by Alex Gordon at Brighton Electric and mastered by Tom Hall, this track marks the band’s first release since their acclaimed album “Nothing Clever, Just Feelings.” As they carve out their niche with a unique blend of electronic and noise elements, CLT DRP not only celebrates queerness and challenges gender perceptions but also embarks on a series of UK and Irish tour dates, promising electrifying live performances.

With rave reviews from Kerrang!, CLASH, and more, CLT DRP continues to captivate audiences and critics alike, offering a fresh voice in the alternative scene. ‘Until You Showed Me’ is not just a song but an anthem for those defying traditional gender roles, underscored by the band’s vibrant energy and innovative approach to music.

Adam Wiltzie, known for his work with Stars of the Lid, announces his latest project, “Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentothal,” set for release on April 5, 2024.

This album emerges from Wiltzie’s transition to the Flemish countryside and draws inspiration from a haunting dream about the fatal consequence of his music. The title references a desire for an escape from life’s emotional turmoil, with sodium pentothal symbolizing a means to effortlessly drift away from consciousness.

The album, mixed by Robert Hampson of Loop, promises a blend of intimacy and grandeur, recorded in Wiltzie’s home studio and enhanced with strings in Budapest. It explores themes of oblivion, beauty, and ruin, caught in a perpetual dance of resolution and dissolution. “Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentothal” is not just a collection of classical fugues but a journey through smeared memories and spatial dislocations, offering a cinematic and hypnotic experience that reflects Wiltzie’s intricate soundscapes and emotional depth.

Anastasia Coope’s upcoming album, “Darning Women,” set to release on May 31, 2024, presents an intriguing blend of minimal folk and avant-garde influences.

The album, marked by its spectral and far-out folk sound, feels like a message from another era, yet is created by the contemporary artist, 21-year-old Coope from Brooklyn. Using her voice as the core instrument, she layers and constructs choirs of herself, drawing on various cultural touchstones for inspiration.

Despite its echoes of antiquity, “Darning Women” is deeply connected to Coope’s personal experiences and surroundings in the Hudson Valley. The album’s thematic focus on womanhood, intuition, and physicality, combined with Coope’s unique approach to music making, promises a distinctive and immersive listening experience.

Oisin Leech, of THE LOST BROTHERS fame, is set to release his debut solo LP, Cold Sea, on March 8th, produced by Steve Gunn. Recorded in a converted schoolhouse in Co. Donegal, the album features notable contributions from M. Ward, Tony Garnier, Dónal Lunny, and Róisín McGrory.

The project reflects on themes of love, loss, and the comforting embrace of the natural world, particularly the sea. “One Hill Further,” a pre-release single, encapsulates the album’s exploration of personal and universal themes, underscored by Leech’s introspective songwriting and the collaborative spirit of its contributors.

Kenny Wollesen, renowned New York drummer known for his work with Bill Frisell, John Zorn, and others, unveils his new quintet LATRALA.

Their debut album “LATRALA” is set to release on May 3rd via Otherly Love, introducing a vibrant blend of jazz and experimental sounds. The album’s festive new track “AGORA” is available now, showcasing Wollesen’s compositional talents and the quintet’s dynamic synergy. LATRALA, featuring Nasheet Waits, Tony Scherr, Christopher Thomas, and Michael Coleman, draws on Wollesen’s jazz-rich background and presents a kaleidoscopic musical experience. Wollesen will perform live throughout the spring, including appearances at the Big Ears Festival in March.

The album “LATRALA” promises an exciting exploration of Wollesen’s creative vision, recorded in a spontaneous session that captures the fresh energy of first takes.

Electronic and trip-hop project ARMS AND SLEEPERS has unveiled its latest concept album, ‘What Tomorrow Brings,’ marking a poignant exploration of the artist’s personal journey fleeing war in Bosnia in the early 1990s.

Released through Berlin’s esteemed Pelagic Records, the album navigates through four distinct musical sections, mapping the experience of being displaced from one’s home. Mirza Ramic, the creative force behind Arms and Sleepers, infuses glitched-out electronic grooves with influences ranging from leftfield hip hop to contemporary post-rock, resulting in a mesmerizing sonic tapestry.

Grammy-winning drummer Amy Aileen Wood, known for her work with Fiona Apple and as a co-producer of “Fetch The Bolt Cutters,” shares her latest single “Rolling Stops” featuring Fiona Apple.

This track is part of her upcoming solo LP titled “The Heartening,” set to release on April 29 via L.A.’s Colorfield Records. The album, featuring an array of experimental, electronic, and alternative sounds.

“Rolling Stops” captures raw, playful performances in a stream of consciousness. Produced by Pete Min, the track blends drums, percussion, and Kalimba, with guest appearances from Fiona Apple, Sebastian Steinberg, Wayne Whittaker, and Nicole McCabe. Wood’s debut LP embraces a pop sensibility within an experimental framework, showcasing vintage synths and sparse piano structures.

Dive into the cosmic confluence of sounds with DISSIPATIO’s latest release, “Unus et Trinus,” a collaborative masterpiece crafted by the sonic alchemists David Lee Myers, Sonologyst, and Lars Bröndum.

This album, brought to life under the aegis of Raffaele Pezzella’s Unexplained Sounds Group, serves as a stellar junction where three distinct musical minds meld into a singular, sidereal symphony.

With two tracks from each artist and one collective odyssey, “Unus et Trinus” is a celestial voyage through the realms of experimental sound, promising an auditory experience that’s both exhilarating and introspective.

ASC, alias James Clements, captivates the ambient music scene with his latest opus, “Loss,” released under the esteemed Past Inside the Present label.

This poignant album, available for streaming and download, comes after Clements’ significant contributions across various musical spectrums, marking a deeply personal venture into the realms of ambient and drone music. “Loss” is a masterful exploration of the themes of absence, memory, and the ephemeral nature of existence, articulated through tracks like “Sensory Disintegration” and “Tears in Rain.”

Released on February 28, 2024, and limited to just 50 cassettes and 100 CDs, “Loss” represents a significant achievement in Clements’ illustrious career, offering a sanctuary of sound for those traversing their own paths of personal reflection and mourning.

The latest endeavor from Dylan Desmond, the renowned musician behind Bell Witch, “Flatworm Mysticism”, from his new solo project, JE EST UN AUTRE, has been made available online.

This project, named after a famous statement by Arthur Rimbaud, offers a unique departure from Desmond’s traditional bass-heavy compositions, embracing a realm where synthesizers prevail. “Flatworm Mysticism,” set for release this Friday, March 1st, marks the inaugural journey into what promises to be an evolving series of dark ambient explorations.

Dylan Desmond, through JE EST UN AUTRE, delves into introspective soundscapes influenced by the likes of William Basinski and Tangerine Dream, while also drawing thematic inspiration from literary figures such as Schopenhauer and Dostoevsky. Originating amidst the solitude of the lockdown period, this project extends the atmospheric essence of Bell Witch into new territories, utilizing synthesizers to craft its haunting melodies.

Three One G has unveiled a striking sonic concoction with the release of the split EP “N8NOFACE / Planet B feat. Ms. BOAN,” blending genres and eras into a vibrant tapestry of sound.

N8NOFACE brings to the table a unique blend that has been likened to a Chicano Flannery O’Connor armed with chiptune beats, the raw edge of Sleaford Mods rooted in the American Southwest, and a darkwave synthpunk vibe reminiscent of early Ween, combining for an unexpectedly exhilarating experience.

On the flip side, Planet B, in collaboration with Ms. BOAN (Mariana A Saldaña), ventures into a realm where hip hop meets hardcore punk, turntablism, and the eerie echoes of 70s-80s horror movie scores, enriched by Saldaña’s coldwave sensibilities and Mexican-American heritage.

Minneapolis-based band POPSTAR has unveiled their latest single, “Afterparty,” marking the debut release from their upcoming EP, Obscene, set for digital release on April 12th, 2024.

“Afterparty” delivers a thrilling blend of glitchy synthesis, powerful vocals, pounding drums, and guttural metal guitars, all tied together with a bold and energetic chorus. The track showcases Popstar’s diverse range of influences, drawing from rock, electronic, metal, industrial, and modern hyperpop genres.

“Oktober Vipper Bladene Af Træerne” by Båd is a compelling debut album released under the Vi Kan Flyve label, encapsulating the essence of autumn with its dreamy jazz-infused compositions.

The album, which came out on October 15, 2021, is an auditory journey through the season’s reflective moods, featuring a blend of soft clarinet, cellos, nylon-string guitar, piano, and subtle electronics.

Today marks the highly anticipated release of the 2005 album from GENERAL PATTON VS. THE X-ECUTIONERS, now available on vinyl for the first time ever.

This limited edition Silver Streak color vinyl comes with a fold-out poster, making it a must-have for collectors and fans alike. Don’t miss your chance to grab this unique collaboration between MIKE PATTON and THE X-ECUTIONERS, two powerhouses in their respective realms of music.

Born from electrifying live performances, this album delivers 23 tracks that seamlessly blend hip-hop with the signature eccentricity of Ipecac.

Presenting the inaugural installment in a series of digital releases featuring compositions that transcend the traditional CD format, Asonu proudly introduces “Low Level Cloud” by S’entendre.

S’entendre, the collaborative duo comprising Jonathan Deasy and Nicholas Maloney, came together during the winter of 2020 in Cork, Ireland, amidst the backdrop of the COVID lockdowns. Their synergy birthed the first two releases, “Eternal Collaps” on Warm Milk Recordings and “Gliese 667 Cc” on Invisible City Records. Despite geographical distance after Maloney’s return to the US, their creative partnership persisted, resulting in this long-distance offering.

“Low Level Cloud” unfolds over a mesmerizing span of four hours, akin to a motionless layer of overcast drifting slowly across the sky. Unreal tones and wavering harmonics cascade through the atmosphere, evoking a sense of enchanted suspension. Whether used as a subtle backdrop for daily activities or as a meditative conduit for expansive exploration, S’entendre’s music transcends boundaries, inviting listeners into a realm of infinite possibility.

Embark on an auditory exploration with BLANKET SWIMMING’s newest ambient release, “In The Soil Of Measureless Love.”

Crafted by the talented Nicholas Maloney, this 30-minute sonic journey seamlessly blends ethereal tones and intricate layers, recorded, mixed, and mastered in February 2024.

Inspired by field recordings from Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area and Percy Warner Park, Maloney’s composition captures the essence of tranquility and introspection.

Brooklyn-based industrial outfit STATIQBLOOM is set to unleash their latest sonic assault with “Kain” (SGLP17).

This album transcends the confines of traditional industrial music, offering a dystopian journey through pulsating basslines, mid-tempo beats, and forward-thinking sounds.

STATIQBLOOM delivers a masterclass in industrial techno, creating an immersive and evocative experience that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

Softseed Music has just unveiled “Action Figure Triggers Earthquake” by GARRY BRENTS, a debut solo project that diverges from the punk, hardcore, and metal scenes into the realms of electronic, dub-step, and breakcore music.

Drawing inspiration from Brents’ passion for these genres, the album offers a super chill yet fast-paced listening experience, reminiscent of driving a decked-out car through the city at night. With influences from artists like Aphex Twin, early Four Tet, and 65daysofstatic, Brents showcases his talent and versatility in this new musical venture.

Check out Author & Punisher’s cover of “Motomami” by Rosalía.

This rendition transforms the infectious original into a slow, heavy, and industrial masterpiece. Inspired by Rosalía’s captivating live performances and the dark, melancholic atmosphere of her music, Author & Punisher delivers a unique interpretation that combines elements of metal, doom, drone, electronic, and industrial.

THE LORD presents “Worship: Bernard Herrmann Tribute,” a mesmerizing album paying homage to the iconic film composer Bernard Herrmann.

Inspired by Herrmann’s suspenseful and evocative compositions for films like Vertigo and Psycho, Greg Anderson crafts emotive guitar music that captures the essence of Herrmann’s work.

In a jaw-dropping collision of musical realms, the unrelenting death metal force, SATANIC TEA CO, has teamed up with the electronic-pop phenomenon MALE TEARS for an explosive remix of “Human Tea.”

This unlikely partnership promises to meld the savage brutality of death metal with the infectious allure of electronic pop, creating an electrifying fusion that defies conventions and captivates listeners worldwide.

ESIGNER VIOLENCE, renowned for navigating the intersections of punk, industrial, and sweet pop music, has released a new single, “Part Deux,” signaling a fresh chapter in their journey.

This release is accompanied by a reimagined b-side of their earlier track, “Not Dead Yet,” showcasing their versatility and commitment to evolving their sound. The dynamic duo, Tessa and Nina, known for their DIY ethos and creating music in their backyard shed, continue to voice their beliefs with a blend of seriousness and levity.

Their collaboration with producer Loek Maas, who works out of an abandoned school in Tilburg, adds a new layer to their sound. The single’s live-set, filmed by Silent Call Collective, captures an unforgettable performance at Middelburg Town Hall during coming out day, highlighting the duo’s masterful stage presence even before a seated audience.

Hallucinogenic Bulb and Cøurtney have unleashed their sonic experiment *Hallucinogenic Bulb / Cøurtney* onto the world, a split release that delves into the depths of cybergrind and experimental noise.

Launched with a transparent red cassette, hand-dubbed and accompanied by a digital album, this collaboration is a journey through uncharted auditory landscapes.

Dave Petersen of Hallucinogenic Bulb offers a side of this split crafted amidst personal challenges and powered by digital innovation, utilizing just two computers and a Nintendo DS. His tracks, including “Step into the Wormhole” and “An Infinite Sea of Lava,” reflect a chaotic blend of electronic ferocity and abstract soundscapes.

On the flip side, Cøurtney’s contributions, like “The Thrill and Terror of Trial and Error” and “Vibration Cathexis Fermata,” are a meditative exploration of sound, utilizing an eclectic mix of instruments from Nintendo 3DS to electric kazoo, creating an immersive, transcendental experience.

Dive into the avant-garde power of HIKIKOMORI with their latest release, SACRED LAND​/​SCORCHED EARTH.

This duo, hailing from the outskirts of London, concocts a mesmerizing blend of free noise and jazz rhythms. Featuring Tom Wilson on synths/pedals and Dean Valentine Smith on drums, HIKIKOMORI delves into the chaos of urban life and the introspective solitude of the ‘hikikomori’ phenomenon.

Their music, a fusion of relentless energy and raw emotion, offers an intense journey into uncharted sonic territories. SACRED LAND​/​SCORCHED EARTH is a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation.

Unfortunately, this marks our last weekly roundup. Due to the significant time investment required, IDIOTEQ is shifting back to our core mode of publishing unique and in-depth articles/features that delve deeper into the selected creations, releases, and crafts of artists from various styles, areas, and nooks of the artistic world.

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