Photograph - Sam Bramble
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Noisy industrialized experimentalists POPSTAR share new wild video for “AFTERPARTY”

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Emerging from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the nascent duo known as Popstar is poised to detonate onto your streaming services with their debut EP, “Obscene,” slated for release in April 2024.

The anticipation begins to build as they drop their inaugural single, “Afterparty,” a track that promises to be an explosion of genre-defying wild ride.

Ahead of its official release, we’re thrilled to premiere the accompanying video, offering an exclusive glimpse into Popstar’s wicked musical universe.

“Afterparty” is a manifesto of Popstar’s boundary-smashing ethos, blending glitchy synths, commanding vocals, relentless drums, and ferocious metal guitars, all culminating in a chorus that’s impossible to ignore.

The track is a rollercoaster of dynamic shifts and intense energy, drawing from a diverse palette of influences including rock, electronic, metal, industrial, and hyperpop.

This debut single serves as the vanguard for their forthcoming EP, heralding the arrival of a band unafraid to traverse musical landscapes with a pinch of craziness and innovation.

Photograph – Sam Bramble

The video for “Afterparty,” conceived and produced by LA-based luminary Lulenoxx, is a visual feast that mirrors the song’s eclectic spirit. Crafted over months of planning and weekly Zoom strategizing, the video’s narrative unfolds in two distinct settings: the adventurous Zebra House in Shoreview, Minnesota, providing a backdrop for the fashion-forward segments, and an exclusive antique car club, adding a raw, live performance edge.

Directed by Andy Magill, with Lulenoxx leading art direction and production, the video is described as an “intense endeavor at an intense time for an intense debut release,” captured in stunning 4K clarity.

Photograph – Sam Bramble

At the heart of Popstar are Alec Tonjes and Lars Oslund, Minnesota-based multi-instrumentalists who fuse a dynamic and danceable concoction of music, drawing inspiration from metal, industrial, electronic, and hyperpop genres.

The duo has devoted the entirety of 2023 to co-writing and recording the “Obscene” EP, marking an intense entry into the world.

Photograph – Sam Bramble

Recorded in their own studio throughout the summer and fall, the EP promises a collision of aggressive tones, distorted vocals, and chaotic energy, balanced with danceable rhythms, ethereal harmonies, and unforgettable melodic hooks.


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