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Lee Cerier of Spaghetti Spaghetti Records out of Nashville moved to Minneapolis, MN last year, started this new melodic punk band and was so nice to find some time to let us know about it. I’m really proud to host their first interview and reveal a bunch of cool insights about this new project. Featuring ex-members of VENIA, GLORIA, and PLAGUES, SUPPORTIVE PARENTS draw influence from bands like SHOOK ONES, HOT WATER MUSICIRON CHIC, LATTERMAN, and made me instantly assosiate them with my beloved melodic hardcore act DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS.

SUPPORTIVE PARENTS have released their debut demo in the end of August and are offering it for free. Composed of Matt Webster, John McCully, Aaron Schulke, Brian Follick, and Lee Cerier,  have one simple goal: to make fun and fast, loud music. Stay tuned for a proper EP from the band in late 2014/early 2015 and read the full interview below.

Hey guys! Thanks for taking some time with IDIOTEQ! First of all, I’m super stoked to have the opoortunity to interview another band sharing love for my favorite melodic punk rockin’ in the vein of DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, SHOOK ONES, etc.! Before we get to the band, let’s break down some of the background facts. What were the first bands you heard that made you want to pick up a guitar? And what made you turn to punk rock?

Brian (Guitar): The first CD I ever bought was EIFFEL 65’s “Europop” because I was stoked on that song Blue. I came to the real quick realization that it was complete and utter garbage, so I threw it out my window and went back to Sam Goody. There I saw the voluptuous bosom of Ms. Janine Lindemulder staring me in the face. I snagged that copy of “Enema of the State” brought it home, and listened to it 5 or 6 times in a row before my mom found the album and took it away. I knew I was in love though, and a couple years later I was learning “Dammit” on our old flamenco guitar.

Webster (Vocals): For me, most of what I got into rock and roll wise was actually the BEASTIE BOYS. I’d acquired a copy of “Check Your Head” and it had all sorts of kinds of music on it. Hip hop, jazz, and this super fast sloppy punk rock that turned out to be kinda ‘BAD BRAINS‘ style hardcore. I begged my parents for a guitar for Christmas, and before you knew it I quit guitar and became a singer. Also PANTERA.

Aaron (Bass): After being a kid who listened to top 40 music and bought all the NOW CDs, hearing SUM 41’s “Half Hour of Power” knocked that shit out of me instantly.

What bands have you been in before SUPPORTIVE PARENTS? What were some of the first live shows you played? When was that?

Lee (Drums): I played in a couple bands in Nashville, mostly with a hardcore band called CHAINED. Matt, John and Aaron have been playing with bands in Minnesota for a while. Matt was in Gloria, John played with VENIA and Brian was in NEVERENDER along with Aaron. He also played with PLAGUES and THE COLD FRONT out in California. As far as first live shows, mine was a truly embarrassing show in my backyard. But I suppose first shows are supposed to suck.

You should have organized a free barbecue for the neighborhood, haha! What happened with Spaghetti Spaghetti Records?

Lee (Dums): Haha, free food makes the world go ’round! Spaghetti Spaghetti Records was a small label I did with my two best friends in Nashville. It was something fun to do in college, to record and put out a bunch of our friend’s music. Last year we all moved to different states, and the spaghetti dried up.

Ok, so tell me a little about the experience of forming this new act and how you hooked up with these particular fellas.

Lee (Drums): I met John through some mutual friends in a great Nashville band called COURTESY DROP. From there, the powers of punk rock brought us all together.

Webster (Vocals): I joined after Aaron asked me at a bar if I wanted to get together with him and some friends that had been writing songs. I got so drunk I promised to get together with them the next day. I had almost forgotten when he texted me the next day. Good thing I loved the songs.

A lot of bands have actually one person who is the leading creative force behind the music. I guess it’s not your story, huh? :) How collaborative are SUPPORTIVE PARENTS?

John (Guitar): When we all started playing together, Brian and Aaron had a couple pretty solid song ideas that laid out the style we wanted to play. Since then, whenever somebody comes up with a riff idea or a little diddy, we do a pretty good job of bouncing ideas off each other and working that idea into a song at practice! We are fortunate to have a group that works so well with each other, and great individuals that aren’t afraid to add their own special flavour to a song.


What are some records that you have been inspired by or are even jealous of because they’re so good? :)

Brian (Guitar): Oh man, that’s a good question. There are so many records that I hear and just get blown away by, but there are definitely a few that make me want to pick up a guitar the second I hear them. First is “The Constant One” by IRON CHIC. Phil Douglas is an excellent songwriter and his guitar work just walks that perfect line between simple and complex. Plus the production on this record is insane; every time I listen I hear something new that makes me smile. Next, is “I was trying to describe you to someone” by CRIME IN STEREO. Anytime you mention this record you get such contrasting opinions, which I think is really reflective of its creativity. I hear a song like “Drugwolf,” and instantly want to start stomping pedals and making weird noises. “Vacation” by BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, is an insanely well written record too. Jeff Rosenstock is weird, and it’s awesome. Ugh, I could go on forever, but the last one I will mention is the very first self-titled record from THE BRONX. It’s just no frills, balls out rock and roll. When I first heard it in high school, that record changed the way I thought about guitar, and made me revisit some older bands that I unfairly wrote off as “Dad Rock.” Also PANTERA.

Matt (Vocals): LIFETIME’s ‘jerseys best dancers’ is a record I’ve always been astounded by. They really blurred the lines between hardcore and melodic punk rock.

Brian (Guitar): You’re a record I’ve always been astounded by.

Matt (Vocals): Ya god damn right.

Are your musical influences still changing at this point? Weren’t you tempted to form a pissed off metallic, political hardcore act instead of hitting this melodic direction? ;)

Webster (vocals): Personally I’ve always considered myself a pop writer. Not in the Justin Timberlake sense, but just in the way that I love a good, catchy hook. Even though I grew up listening to metal and hardcore, whenever it comes to writing songs of my own, they’ve always come out melodic. I’d like to think that we walk the fine line between hard/fast and something with pop sensibility. Like Billy Joel screaming ’til he feels like he’s going to barf.

Brian (Guitar): Wait, this isn’t a pissed off political band? FRICK. And here we are thinking we’re straight up ripping off SSD!!! I mean I think we’ve all had a lot of experience in more aggressive bands; PLAGUES, THE COLD FRONT, NEVERENDER, VENIA and CHAINED were all projects that one or more of us were a part of. And we’ve talked before about how we each put our hearts and souls into those projects. But we also all talked about how we wanted to try doing something different. There will always be a place in my heart for aggressive music, and I know I will end up in plenty more of those bands, but you can really only grow as a musician and a person if you push yourself to do different things. Plus it’s really nice to be in a band where we don’t have to be super serious about everything all the time. Going to practice is a blast, because we just get to drink beer, eat pizza, and party.

Cool. So you’re not family guys, are you? :) Tell me more about the band’s name. Are at least some of you actually parents, or is it a metaphor for something else?

Webster (Vocals): So we’d been throwing around band names for quite some time. I’m talking two plus months. Lots of them were great names, but were either taken or just too god damn weird. I even went as far as to make a Facebook post encouraging the Internet to just name the band for us. Horrible idea. As of today the post has generated 626 of the most graphic, crass, bodily fluid-inspired band names I’ve ever read. We decided it would be funnier to do the least hard name in the world. The idea of some punk rock guy wasted out of his mind wearing a ‘SUPPORTIVE PARENTS’ was too funny for us not to do.

Nice :) Ok, so where and how did you record this demo. How did the place and its atmosphere affect the record’s vibe?

Lee (Drums): We actually just recorded it in our practice space in Minneapolis. Webster had his friend who did stuff for GLORIA record it. Honestly we decided we were gonna do a demo, and a couple days later we tracked all the instruments. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but I think we’re all pretty stoked with it as a first demo!

3 tracks and that’s it, right? Do you have more hidden in your secret stash?

Lee (Drums) Oh yeah! We’ve got six done and a handful more on their way. We’ve been jamming together for around 9 months now. I’ve always enjoyed when new bands play together for a while before actually doing anything. It’s all about hittin’ the ground running. No mercy!

Alright, so what’s up next? Are there some gigs already lined up for the coming weeks?

Brian (Guitar) Yeah! We have some awesome shows coming up. This upcoming Wednesday (September 17th) we are playing the Triple Rock in Minneapolis with I AM THE AVALANCHE and DADS (Insert joke about DADS and SUPPORTIVE PARENTS on the same show here). Then on October 4th we are playing The Eagles Club in Minneapolis with PEARS, THE TURKELTONS, and THE SLOW DEATH.

Thanks for the interview, guys! Feel free to add any closing thoughts or statements. Cheers!

Lee (Drums): Lots of thanks to you Karol, for always being willing to help out newer bands like this.

Matt (Vocals): Thanks to everyone checking out the songs! We’re excited to party.


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