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IN BELIEFS: farewell interview & 2 unreleased songs premiere!

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IN BELIEFS‘ melodic verses and heavy riffs make them a great contender to be one of eastern Canada’s raddest emo bands around. They’ve been hustling playing shows around Quebec and Ontario and opening for bands like COUNTERPARTS, FALL CITY FALL, SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DEAD, and BALANCE & COMPOSURE.

Read my short interview with the band and watch their last show below! The farewell gig took place at Death House in Montreal on September 20th, 2014 and this short check in was delivered a few days prior to the date of the band’s funeral.

“Desinvolte Involontaire”:

“Instrumental Leroy”:

IN BELIEFS band promo shot

Hey guys! It’s only a few days until your final show. How does closing this chapter feel? When the decision was made and why did you decide to part your ways?

It’s kind of sad to be ending this! We started playing music together almost five years ago in what was then our first band, so we have lived all our musical experiences together and became best friends in the process. A few weeks ago we decided it was time to call it quits. There were some weak spots in the structure of our band and as we were starting to plan bigger tours and our next release, we thought it would be best to end it before getting to the next step and have it blow up then.

Having listened to your debut EP, I really hoped there are great opportunities for you guys. I couldn’t wait for more tunes and a full length. Do you have some more unreleased tracks hidden in your secret stash?

We had four songs ready to be recorded for a second EP that we wanted to release this year, but unfortunately we won’t be recording it! We have some homemade pre-prods that we had done in one take with one mic in Xavier’s garage but that’s it! We will be playing those four and another new one at our farewell show.

IN BELIEFS farewell show

What are you doing after that farewell gig? Feel free to expound more on your future projects and undertakings.

We will all be starting other projects, that’s for sure! Chris’ band QUAALUDES is almost done recording their first ep so stay on the lookout for that! Alex will be doing bass for our friends in HOPELESS YOUTH, and Xavier and Alex are working on some screamo music!

Summing up this short adventure with IN BELIEFS, what are you the most proud of?

I think we’re mostly proud to have accomplished so much by ourselves. We’ve done most of it d.i.y also with some help from Marc Tremblay, L’Orchidoclaste and cool promoters/bands from all around the province! I think we have stayed true to ourselves.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Feel free to add anything else. Good luck with your future endeavours. I’m sure you will do well! Cheers from the distant lands of Poland :)

Thank you guys so much!!! We hope to come play in your part of the world one day!!! One last thing I could add is a few Québec bands that people should definitely check out: WATCH FOR WOLVES, HOPELESS YOUTH, KENNEDY, SAUL HITTNER, BLACK LOVE, LONELY ANIMALS, NOUS ETIONS, ALBATROS, KHAN, GULFER, SPAZ OUT, HARRIERSLIFESPENT, GET THE SHOT, OF WINTER.

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