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FALL CITY FALL release new song

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Victory Records has partnered up with Alternative Press to let loose an exclusive song stream from Calgary’s hardcore prodigies FALL CITY FALL for their title track “Victus”. Stay tuned for the release of their Victory debut album “Victus”, out January 22nd.

The band has recently released their new video for the song “Lovebirds”. Go here to watch it.

Originally premiered at this location.

With a rawness and honesty that will send chills down your spine, Victus is a journey through the bands innermost demons, opening up doors and touching on topics in which bands’ before them had been too timid to explore. Boasting two powerhouse vocalists Nathan Zorn and Keenan Pylychaty, FALL CITY FALL has created an album meant to get under your skin and into your hearts; sending you on a journey through not only their most intimate thoughts, but also your own. Latin for “overcome”, Victus is a clear step away from traditional hardcore; each word, each crashing cymbol and each riff were deliberately chosen, with every song more bone chilling then the next. The album serves as the diary of FALL CITY FALL, as they divulge into subject matter beyond their years with maturity, purpose and conviction.

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