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Fast political punks JODIE FASTER release new video “50 Seconds Of Disgust”

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Here is Mika from the amazing French act FAKE OFF and DTTH Recordz returns with a new band called JODIE FASTER! These guys play a fast, angry and political hardcore punk and are about to release one hella searing and impactful EP to start the year off right. Check out the new video below and expect their “Complete Discography” EP on tape via Acouphènes Records, Mustard Mustache, KLVR Records, and DIRTY SLAP Records.

JODIE band


I’m sick of it all !
Sick of this world !
Sick of that job !
Sick of my friends !
I’m so fed up and disabused.
So please leave me alone.
There’s no reason why
Don’t try to find out why
I’m sick of it all !
Sick of this world !
So bored of this !
And bored of that !
I’m sick of it all !
Sick of ya’all !
So please…
Leave me alone NOW !!!

JODIE live

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