THE VON TRAMPS by Alex Ochoa
THE VON TRAMPS by Alex Ochoa
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Female and feminist fueled tracks to energize your early 2022

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French skate punk rockers THE DEAD KRAZUKIES and Minneapolis, Minnesota rockers from THE VON TRAMPS, both signed to the amazing SBÄM Records, join us today for a quick rundown of their top feminist songs, with a solid pro-woman message.

In every genre and music style out there, there has been a handful of women quietly leading the charge, embodying their power, also where there has always been major dominance by men. DIY rock and punk scenes are no exceptions. 

“Feminism is really important on our actual society.” – comments Maider of THE DEAD KRAZUKIES. “We are in 2022, assisted by robots and computer science, but women are still sometimes lower than men… and this is in occidental culture, it’s even worse in many others.”

“Womens give birth, educate children, do housework, grocery, cooking for all the family while they work all day long.” – she continues.

“They have a way heavier mental load than men. And some people say that womens are THE weak sex. I’m quite sure it’s the opposite. We need men, but we especially need to educate them. It starts in childhood when we still make too much differences between boys and girls. I think it’s the basis of feminism: stop making different educations at the youngest age.”

The Dead Krazukies:

NOFX – Lori Meyers

I think it’s the first punk rock song with a female voice that I have heard. I was around 14 years old and I was starting to listen to this style of music. I have been immediately hooked up with that kind of hoarse voice. When I understood the lyrics, I was kind of shocked that assumed prostitution could exists. But I was just a teenager…

TILT – War Room

After discovering NOFX I rapidly became interested in all the Fat Wreck line-up. What a joy to find Tilt and their singer with such a powerful and warm voice!

Cinder Block vocal style is still one of my main influence when I sing. I love the heavy hoarse and power of her voice. War Room is one of my favorite Tilt songs. Even if I never been a drug addict, this song is really touching on so many levels.


I discovered WOJ at the 2014 Hellfest and I loved it. Of course, like the first two songs mentioned, you can imagine that the powerful song of Candace Kucsulain has a lot to do with it. In short, I like when it’s raw and with no compromise, sorry Celine Dion …

I also had a visual revelation, what a stage presence! Everything was made for me to love the show. The Prey is a song full of hate, I feel like it’s kind of a salvation for a rough time the band has gone through, a very personal song, a bit like some of The Dead Krazukies songs.

Jenna Enemy:

Taylor Swift – The Man

This is one of those songs that I wish I wrote because it’s every thought I’ve had running through my head while working in the music and film industry for years. Taylor hit the nail on the head with these lyrics. Unfortunately not long ago in radio DJs couldn’t play female artists’ songs back to back in the same rotation. You’d have to break them up with a song by a male group, however, the same rule didn’t apply to male artists. There are so many amazing female entrepreneurs, producers, engineers, artists, musicians and directors that are finally claiming the space they always deserved and I’m hoping we can keep the momentum going.

Chelsea Oxborough:

The Distillers- Seneca Falls

This song has always been one of my favorite feminist punk anthems- It is about the Seneca Falls Convention which was the first Women’s Rights Convention in the United States. Brody Dalle mentions Susan B. Anthony and Elizabth Cady Stanton in the song- both of whom were activists in the movement. In the chorus Brody sings “Freedom rise up for me” which to me is an iconic line when it comes to punk feminist songs.


Krissandra Anfinson:

Salt-N-Pepa- None of Your Business

This song is everything feminist. It shuts down slut shaming and preconceived notions of how we are supposed to behave. Be a CEO. Be a punk rocker. Break the rules. Refuse to be played. Get respected. It’s none of their business!

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