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Female cold wave / post punk trio PLAISIR shares top 10 bands to get into the Berlin underground scene

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PLAISIR‘s own take on the off-style “coldgaze” is influenced by the aesthetics of cold wave, post punk, shoegaze and a little 80’s synth pop thrown in for fun. With influences including MBV, The Cure, and Deux, PLAISIR delivers psychedelic-sensual material, sung both in English and French. The trio is exceedingly good at conveying atmosphere and mood through smooth and sometimes eerie sounds of interesting new 4-tracker “Sap”.

PLAISIR is the β€œcoldgaze” Berlin trio that beckons with layers of noisey guitar, steady throbbing basslines, chilly minimal drum machine beats, and waves of warm shimmering synth. Blended from the dreamy fuzz of shoegaze and the stripped- down, low-fi aesthetic of coldwave, PLAISIR seeks to create darkly seductive soundscapes infused with gentle spoken word and surrealistic melodies in English and French.

To celebrate its recent release, we asked the band to give us their thoughts on 2020 and share their top albums picks released this year, some new artists tips, as well as recommended acts from the underground scenes of Berlin.

“Actually, 2020 has been treating us pretty well, despite the circumstances.” – says PLAISIR. “We were just getting ready to release and start playing gigs when the various lockdown measures kicked in, which felt almost ironic and a bit frustrating in the beginning, but then we realised it just gave us more time to work. Like a β€œbreak” in life, when we could focus even more on the band, and that hiatus for a couple of months in spring fitted well with the time for mixing and mastering. Also, Berlin has been pretty mildly restricted compared to many other places in the world, so we’ve at least been able to meet and rehearse.”

“All in all it means we’ve saved up so much energy and material for next year, ready for anything that might come. We’re definitely releasing an album, and hopefully we’ll play a lot of live gigs.” – they conclude.

β€œTop 10 bands to get into the Berlin underground scene”:

Despire the harsh pandemic limitations, PLAISIR looks into the future with growing hope. “We really really hope that all important players in our local music scene will resurface after these challenging times. It’s not a huge scene, mostly fueled by will and passion and limited means, so that makes it vulnerable. But there are so many great bands and a lot going on; many small bars and venues that are really dedicated to give space to the narrow and alternative – Loophole, 8mm bar, Urban Spree, Tennis bar.. – to mention a few.

And some super cool record labels, like Baby Satan Records and Anomic Records. Berlin has been known mostly for its electronica and techno scene, but it’s definitely about time to turn the spotlight to this side of the music spectrum. We hope we can contribute to that in one way or the other.

Here are our top 10 bands from the underground scene of Berlin that you should probably look into”

+ Jealous

+ Diagram

+ Gorgette

+ The Underground Youth

+ Errorr

+ DiΓ€t

+ Medicine Boy

+ Shybits

+ Perilymph

+ Balagan

PLAISIR band photo

Extra: Top 11 records of 2020 and special Spotify playlist for more inspirations!

– Medicine Boy “Take Me With You When You Disappear”
– Cindy Lee “What’s Tonight To Eternity ”
– Holy Wave “Interlooper”
– Singapore Sling “Good Sick Fun”
– Diagram “8 tracks”
– Black Marble “I Must Be Living Twice ”
– Merchandise “2012 – 2013: Desire In The Mouth Of Dogs”
– Alien Mustag “Beat of The Earth ”
– Peeling “Worshipper”
– King Gizzard “K.G.”
– Sonic Boom “All Things Being Equal “

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