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FIGHT AMP interviewed by The Sludgelord

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Here’s another interview focusing on FIGHT AMP‘s new record and more. This time The Sludgelord had 20 questions for Mike McGinnis.


Where are you at the moment and what are you doing, in terms of the band? You got a new record coming out, presumably you’re preparing for a big tour, right?

Basically we’re in waiting mode, just counting down until Birth Control comes out. We have an eastern half of the US tour planned for the fall in which we’ll hit The Fest 11 in Gainesville and a couple other fests we’re playing along the route that have yet to be announced. We’re casually writing some new material while we’re hanging at home and practicing a couple different sets for when we hit the road.

I recently reviewed you split 7” with Burning Love, which is an amazing disc and package, however for those people who are unfamiliar with your music. Could you tell me little bit about the history of the band and some of the bands you’ve played with? Where you’re from, when Fight Amp first formed? Current band members?

Thanks for the kind words. We were real happy to be able to work with Hell Comes Home as that’s an amazing and ambitious project that Joel put together. It was an added bonus when we found out we were able to do our split with our friends Burning Love. As far as a brief Fight Amp history…we’re all originally from West Deptford, NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia. We started in the fall of 2003 and played our first show in January of 2004. Jon and I have been steady members since we started and our current (and hopefully lasting) line-up consists of myself (Mike McGinnis) on guitar and vocals, Jon Dehart on bass and vocals, and our new drummer Dan Smith behind the kit. Dan started playing with us on a national tour we did with Weedeater, Saviours and Bison BC last September/October and has stayed with us since then. We’ve been touring every year since we started, sometimes as a part of packages and other times by ourselves. Aside from the Weedeater tour we’ve done packages with Trap Them, Kylesa, Zoroaster, Rosetta, A Life Once Lost, Coliseum, Burning Love and a bunch more. All in all we’ve been able to do stuff with bands we’ve been fans of for years so we consider ourselves lucky to be in the position we’re in.

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