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Filthy metal act DISCARDED SELF premieres new single; shares top hardcore records!

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Our recent guest, Jarret of bleak, grim metal act DISCARDED SELF joins us today to give you his new single “Enter The Flames “, delivering roughly 8 minutes of blackened doom and sludge metal that will will shatter your nerves instantly. The track comes from the EP of the same name, which serves as the follow up to Discarded Self’s first self titled offering, and features 23 mins of focused direct hatred, brought forth with hammering guitar and bass riffs, viciously pounding drums and seering attacking vocals.

“I’m very pleased to premiere the title track to my EP, “Enter the Flames” here on IDIOTEQ and also Rob Hammer’s YouTube channel.” – says Jarret. “Both IDIOTEQ and Robs channel have been a constant supply of great bands for me to check out as of late, and I’ve really been digging lots of the articles IDIOTEQ has been putting out lately. I just started a shitty new job so, I read them when I’m at work while I’m supposed to be working. I’m really happy that they dive into the odd sludge style band every now and again, since I’m a hardcore sludgeworshipper. Sludge is basically if doom and hardcore had a drunken trailer park baby behind the corner store in the alley, and my band Discarded Self comes up and films it in the making! That’s punk/hardcore/sludge all in one!”

Asked about the new ripper, he continued: “The song “Enter the Flames” covers a lot of ground in the things talked about in the lyrics, but it is all centred around one particular thing – it’s a weaved frustration and boiling anger of everything that has been going on the last year and a half with the pandemic, government overstepping their bounds, lockdowns, separation, and forcing inoculations. It also covers censorship that we all have been seeing in the media and internet sources these days. They’re ramping up their grip of control and I am sick up to my neck of it. I think that it strongly shows in the delivery of this song.”

Hardcore and punk is something Jarret never get a chance to talk about often, but with IDIOTEQ being focused on hardcore and punk, it’s a perfect chance for him to comment on his top picks for records in this genre.

“If I had to narrow it down to 5 punk or hardcore bands that I’m really into, it would be too hard to decide on.” – admit Jarret. “As a teenager I was a skater and heavily into hardcore punk, and it carried later into my life, becoming a strong influence on all the music I make today, even though I don’t play in a hardcore specific band. Instead I’ll name a few that Ive heard recently that had an impact on me.”

The first band that popped into my head was Perdition Sect. Since I’m a sludge kind of guy, Perdition Sect struck a chord with me when I first heard them because they mix old school style hardcore with some slower doom passages. Music to my ears! Their little album “End Times” rips back to front and I can’t get enough! If you haven’t hear this album, stop what you are doing and check it out.

Another band I would have to just slap myself if I didn’t mention is Converge. I’ve been on a resurgence of Converge albums as of late. I’ve recently started listening to them again after a long break and I’m finding new things and having a new appreciation of how they mix up their metal/prog/hardcore. They’re just so original sounding while still fitting into different styles. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate Converge, just give your head a shake.

Ok so has anyone heard the new EP by Ritual Blade, “Hate Overflows”? It’s only a little over 5 minutes long, but it’s 5 minutes I’ve been listening to again and again. I’m really into their chuggy, skippy, picking riffs in the song “Broken Code”, and their bass tone is magnificent! The second song “Mindless” is a straight to the point hardcore song, and the title track “Hate Overflows” is a pure 2 minute punisher. I fuckin’ love it!

Year of the Knife! Now that’s a band I really want to see live. I just recently found them while watching some vids on hate5six. Those guys are straight up nasty! Come visit Canada sometime you filthy animals!

Also have any of you heard the sludge band Fistula before? Their latest album “The Process of Opting Out” is a caustic hardcore beatdown, deeply combining sludge/hardcore throughout. This is a masterclass hate album!

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