Heathen Hearts by Toni Ristilä
Heathen Hearts by Toni Ristilä
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Finnish metalcore / hardcore pack HEATHEN HEARTS premiere new EP “No Light Left to Chase”

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It is with immense pleasure that we take the honor of exclusively premiering Heathen Hearts‘ forthcoming EP, “No Light Left to Chase,” set to engage fans of metalcore and melodic hardcore on May 17th. This highly record will be available in a variety of formats, including vinyl, CD, cassette, streaming, and digital download.

Emerging from Kotka, Finland, Heathen Hearts is a metal/hardcore collective that burst onto the scene in the summer of 2021.

The band, composed of experienced musicians from a range of diverse backgrounds, coalesces around a unique ‘Northern Hardcore’ style. Their signature sound weaves together metal and hardcore elements with melodic guitar lines, creating a powerful and emotive sonic experience.

The lyrics delve into the darker corners of our world, reflecting on the challenges and turmoil we face. The overall atmosphere embodies a raw intensity, fueled by anger, aggression, and frustration.

Refusing to be confined by genre constraints, Heathen Hearts prioritizes the creation of compelling and well-structured songs. Their self-titled debut EP, launched in May 2022, was accompanied by two striking music videos for “Ichor” and “World of Ash.” Both videos have garnered attention on Hardcore Worldwide, a highly regarded YouTube channel within the genre, as well as other outlets.

“It has been a rather longer and a bit bumpier road, to this point where we can finally release our latest work to you compared to the original release schedule. There were all kinds of obstacles with getting this finally done, but at least we are very happy with the outcome.” – comments the band.

The EP captures the members’ feelings about the contemporary world and serves as an outlet for their aggression and frustration. “But although the name refers to a very bleak vision, there is always light left to chase. We hope that our small musical contribution will give strength to those who are in need of it and who find solace through music.” – admit Heathen Hearts.

“No Light Left To Chase” maintains the hardcore sound and attitude that is integral to Heathen Hearts, but also expands their musical boundaries with more epic and melodic guitar riffs and vocal chants.

” This EP brings out more epic and melodic guitar riffs and vocal chants to otherwise raw and aggressive songs. The songs represent all of our influences in a bit wider range.” – says the band.

“The EP was made without thinking of the end result too much and perhaps because of that it sounds just as it should. It’s the image of the time when we were writing and recording the material. The song writing process itself was pretty similar compared to the first EP. Demoing riff’s, melodies, arrangements at home and then working on the ideas at the rehearsal space with all of us together.”

''No Light Left to Chase'' EP Front Cover
”No Light Left to Chase” EP Front Cover

The band recorded the EP themselves, with the exception of the drums, and the experience proved to be a valuable learning process. The accompanying artwork, featuring photographs taken by Lauri, complements the atmosphere of Heathen Hearts‘ music. A great deal of consideration went into creating unique physical formats, complete with forewords, lyrics, and behind-the-scenes insights for each song. The B-sides of the 12″ vinyl and cassette versions include the self-titled EP as a special bonus, with the cassette edition limited to just 50 hand-numbered copies.

The EP was produced by the band and recorded by Lauri Sillanpää, except for the drums recorded by Juha-Pekka Pusa. Mixing by Joonas Vuojolahti at Cold Truth Music Studio, and mastering by Juho Räihä at Soundspiral Audio.

The artwork was designed by Lauri Sillanpää. Press shots were taken by Toni Ristilä. The gang vocals on the EP were recorded by Toni Örn, Matti Anttila, Tero Virva, Jere Orre, and Juhana Haavisto. The music video of “Starve the Machine” was directed, filmed, and edited by Jari Heino of Coldstore Productions and was written by Jari Heino, and Jere Orre.

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