Fluff Fest 2012 voting [UPDATE]

Fluff Fest 2012 will take place on July 20-22 at Rokycany Airfield in Czech Republic.

Bands are being booked right now. The first line-up shall be announced in March/April. Also, the Fluff Fest crew is organizing a contest, in which we pick bands to play with the official line-up at the upcoming festival.

The organizers
have recently posted the following:

We have over 700 bands in our euro-band vote for 2012, there is not much happening in top results anymore, so it is considered finished. results have been sent to people putting together line-up, they will decide who they will get in touch. first bands for 2012 line-up will be published in week or two, including some who did well in vote.

As previously reported, the Fluff crew issued the following:

OK, here we go. We know you’ve all been spamming us with band names here like crazy. We DO read it, but let’s be honest …we don’t fly bands overseas so we depend on touring bands from there. BUT what we are interested in is what continental Europe-based band you would like to see! And here’s some rules: 1: comment on this post 2: only one band name per comment 3: try to stick with active bands 4: don’t repeat bands, read through the names already posted 5: place as many likes as you …like! WE WILL GET IN TOUCH WITH BANDS WITH THE MOST LIKES

See the results here.

we won’t allow band name spamming on the wall for a while just to boost our european bands vote BELLOW. go see more than 450 bands and like unlimited number. ADD ONLY BANDS WHO ARE NOT ON THE LIST YET!

The fest is being encouraged by fans to start the voting via the festival’s website. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know what happens next.

Fluff Fest:

Published on February 13, 2012.
UPDATED on February 21, 2012 – another statement added.



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