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FOR TODAY interviewed by AbsolutePunk

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FOR TODAY was recently interviewed by AbsolutePunk.

First off, you have a new album out soon, Immortal. What led for you guys to sign with Razor & Tie, as opposed to other labels?

Razor & Tie is by the far the most dynamic label that were looking to sign us. There were some bigger metal labels that were looking at us; but with Razor & Tie, they have everything from All That Remains and Norma Jean..all the way to Alvin & The Chipmunks, and The Wiggles. It’s kind of a cool world to step into with Razor & Tie, in which it’s all about music. It’s not about hardcore, metalcore, or anything else like that; it’s all about the music. We get to be among the ranks with some incredible artists that aren’t necessarily in our genre, and the associations that come with being on a label that’s not strictly metal is great.

How many albums are you signed on for?

We’re signed on for one album with two options. So if we do three albums with them, it means they like us…and if we do only this album with them, it means they didn’t like us that much.

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FOR TODAY – “Fearless” live video:

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