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NO OMEGA interviewed by Stay Ahead

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Stay Ahead blog recently conducted an interview with Stockholm hardcore act NO OMEGA (who we also did a chat with).

The new name of the blog is This Noise Is Ours, make sure to check it out.

Chaos, Pestilence and Famine are easy subjects for metal bands to cover nowadays. The end of the world is a theme that’s been covered in many different ways by extreme bands for years, whether it’s via environmental or cosmic lineage of even the outright denouncement of human existence, but that fact that bands are able to keep reinvigorating the subject, is testament to metal’s progression. Add to that the constant evolution of scenes and genres and you’ve got yourself something that is thought provoking and absorbing.

I’ve not done a feature for a while like this, so what better way to start off again than by focusing on a band who’s stock is rising in the scene. A cult band who come from a country where metal bands are forever rising from the undergrowth, trying to elbow their way into people consciousness. I’m talking about Stockholm’s newest sons of anarchy, No Omega.

They have been and are part of the DIY Stockholm hardcore scene, dealing in disparate, cathartic subject matter. They’re influenced by the kind of post-hardcore sound that made bands like Cult of Luna the band they are today and the caustic hardcore of bands like Rise and Fall.

In 2010 the guys self-released a demo and then released their first 7″ via Monument Records and World vs Cometh. Their new LP Metropolis is about to be released by a co-operative of different labels, including Thirty Days of Night Records, Get This Right Records and Monument Records.

I was luck enough to catch up with guitarist Oscar recently, who told me about No Omega’s plans and also gave an exclusive insight into what Metropolis means to the band.

Head over here to read the full interview.

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