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Emo punk rockers FOSSIL YOUTH release new video for ‘Minco’

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Oklahoma emotive alt punk rockers FOSSIL YOUTH have just released a new music video for Minco from their new LP A Glimpse Of Self Joy. The song and video are a direct follow up to the preceding song/video on the album. Singer/guitarist Scottie Noon says, “Minco” is the challenge of finding light after chasing the dark. Continuing from our last video for “Late Night Swim”, we wanted to carry the theme of anxiety and overwhelming fear of not knowing what’s to come next.’

Noonan goes on to say:

“Mental health and care for ourselves, in every situation, is important above all else, but sometimes you find yourself pursuing the poisonous and it’s in these moments that our own happiness and worth are put to the test.”

“There are those rare few, though, that honor the genre even as they stretch it in new unique directions. On A Glimpse Of Self Joy, for example, Fossil Youth trade the gallivanting so common in pop-punk for more focused punch and power.” – Substream Magazine

‘A Glimpse of Self Joy’ is a powerful emo/indie-rock album that builds upon the group’s early promise, delivering a striking and confident full-length that sees the quartet push into new musical territories. –


A Glimpse Of Self Joy is out now on 12”/CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

After battling the unattainable with the 2015 EP Intertwined With You, Fossil Youth are back and at it again with their new full length A Glimpse Of Self Joy. AGOSJ not only works well as individual songs but, also tells one cohesive story that takes you on a journey from the opening chords of the contagious sing along Watercolor Daydream to the final ring out of the epic closer Linger In My Head, where singer/guitarist Scottie Noonan laments over and over again, “You don’t need me at all.”

Noonan attacks the initial roadblocks, relapses, fond recollections, reminiscing and ultimately, the final resolution of a toxic relationship. Throughout the album, there is consistency in storytelling, that when listened to in sequential order, will bring a sense of apathy to the listener. Personal yet still universal, AGOSJ brings urgency in its songwriting. Noonan persists, “Although you know you shouldn’t, you’re replaying the best memories you have in the back of your head.”

For the recording of the album, Fossil Youth tapped producer Jay Maas (Citizen, The Menzingers, Somos) and headed to Boston, MA. You can hear hints of the laidback groove of Turnover melding with the quiet/loud dynamics of Balance & Composure. Songs like Minco & Sitting In A Spinning Room showcase the bands penchant for slowing things down and compelling the listener to firmly grasp every melody, while songs like Forest Eyes and Late Night Swim hit you right in the face and force you to bop your head in agreeance with the beat.

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