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The new project from Mr Frank Carter of GALLOWS and TRUE LOVEFRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES, has just posted a new music video for their track “Juggernaut”, coming from their debut full length called “Blossom”, due out August 14th. The record will be supported by a couple of live shows in August and October, with a bunch more to be announced soon:


21/08 Pukkelpop, BE TICKETS
22/08 Open Air Gampel, CH TICKETS
28/08 Leeds Festival, UK TICKETS
30/08 Reading Festival, UK TICKETS
18/10 Vans Warped Tour UK, London, UK TICKETS



Here’s the official, word:

This is the album:

I had one of the hardest, most turbulent years of my life in 2014. I wrote it all down, a line here a paragraph there and soon I had a book full of suffering and questions. In the winter I decided that I needed an outlet to help me take these lyrics and do with them what I do best. Perform.

I acquired the help of my close friend Dean Richardson to help me translate these lyrics into music and from there we built them into the songs you hear today.

Every Wednesday we would meet up and try and make sense of it all. In one week we had 3 songs. When the month was over we had 18. Some were scrapped, some were hidden and some were kicked and beaten into shape until they formed the rough shape of Blossom.

We went to Broadfields studio which belongs to Thomas Mitchener, he agreed to produce it for me and played bass on the songs in the process. Memby Jago joined us on drums and we spent ten days playing and recording the songs live. We played and played and we finally fell into a groove that just felt right. Then we hit record.

The drums, bass and guitars are all recorded live in one take. The vocals were mostly one take with the odd line added in when I forgot a line or couldn’t breathe. We added minimal overdubs to keep the sound as raw and intentional as possible.

The product of our sweat and blood is BLOSSOM. A ten track record that I believe is my best work, both lyrically and musically.

And the album that best defines me. As a singer, a performer, an artist and a person.

I hope this record helps you.

Long live the rattlesnakes.


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