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French punk band NIGHTWATCHERS release new video and single “1905 & The Muslim Exception”

NIGHTWATCHERS released “1905 & The Muslim Exception” the first single leading up to the French punk band’s second full length. The single comes with a music video available on Lövely Records Youtube channel. Watch above.

The band describes the lyrics of the track: “The 1905 French law on the Separation of the Churches and State was passed on 9 December 1905. It established state secularism in France. Secularism was right in metropolis, but was an exception in the french colonial empire where colonization and evangelization always went hand in hand. In Algeria, the French State supervised the practice of Islam and organized the Muslim cult in a logic of control and regulation.”

Nightwatchers are set to release a new album in autumn 2021. “Common Crusades” is the second full-length from the French punk band, and the musical and lyrical continuity of their 2019 thematic debut “La paix ou le sable”. Political lyrics dealing with the conflicts rooted in France’s colonial-era clash with melodic, subversive, and gloomy soundscapes.

Nightwatchers release new video and single

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