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FRIDAY NIGHT LITES – “Face the World” video

Portland pop punks from FRIDAY NIGHT LITES have released their new single called “Face The World”. No further word has been announced regarding a full release.

Based out of Portland, Maine… Friday Night Lites is a true Pop Punk band made up of five guys looking to make an impact on a scene that has been taken over strictly by image. FNL is going to bring back the fun, energy, and lyrics that once defined Pop Punk. Brought together in April of 2014, FNL sat down and wrote out a strict timeline full of goals and ambitions that in just three weeks lead them to demo out songs to bring to the studio. Releasing the debut video for the first single “I’m a Sandra Bullock Kinda Guy” on August 6th left FNL pumped up and ready to hit the road to show everyone that This Is Family.
Keep an eye out for Friday Night Lites as they are sure to make a wave that won’t soon be forgotten.

About The Video: Face the world is just that. Making a life out of the only one you have on this Earth. I tried not to get political, but there is a reference in there. But it’s your life, make something out of it. We are the only one’s who can make changes for the better. There isn’t any person who fixed my life and my problems, but me. I had support, sure. But I had to do it. And you have to work for what you want. I didn’t want to grow up and Face The World. But you have to. You can still be a big kid too. I love collecting the old toys and video games I grew up with. But I still have to; wake up, go to work, and fight hard for the weekend! It may not be the job you want. But how could you change that? Work. At the end of my work day, when I can be at home with my girls or I can be playing music with the guys, or drawing, writing, anything that makes me the most happy and positive. To me that’s living a life worth living. What’s your positive place?


You see it’s always hard for me to
Act my age but I know I am
Growing up,
It doesn’t feel the same
When I step out my door I wake up
To face the same world that we all have
Grown up with, but always wanting more

It seems impossible to get
(Back those Days)
Whoa oh oh
They’re long gone & we are
(All OK)
It’s all about making
Life a better place to live in

Two years that I’ve earned no one can take this from me
It’s hard to face the world that makes mistakes and blames the herd
Authoritarians & New World Order
Did we forget how it feels
How it feels to be free?

It seems impossible to get
(Back those Days)
Whoa oh oh
They’re long gone & we are
(All OK)
It’s all about making
Life a better place to live in

Holding on and on so long
We sleep the night & we wake the dawn
In our hearts
For the simple things that we always had

Tried a taste, but lay to waste
Find a life, just to find a place
In the arms of love
Its just better this way

Open this earth, for the love of all mankind Where did things go wrong
And when did we go blind
then this sun
Pulls life to the sky
Where did things go wrong
and when did we go blind

A video for their first single “I’m A Sandra Bullock Kinda Guy” was released in early August. Check it out below.

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