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From BASEMENT to LIKE PACIFIC – LA emotive pop punk rockers CALMGROVE discuss new EP

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In the vibrant cradle of Los Angeles, Calmgrove, an accomplished pop-punk/emo quintet, stirs anticipation as the release of their sophomore EP, “True Color,” draws near. A bold testament to their unyielding artistic growth, “True Color” finds its foothold on the bedrock of authenticity and technical prowess and is poised for release on June 16th, 2023.

Since their formation in the nascent months of 2018, Calmgrove has carved out a niche for themselves in the alternative rock landscape, skillfully weaving threads of pop-punk and emo into a tapestry of robust sounds. The emotive urgency of their music, first unveiled in their 2018 debut single “Lifelong,” resonates with listeners as it overlays punk tones on a canvas of hook-heavy melodies.


Their debut EP, “Light On Your End,” released in fall 2019, showcased the band’s homage to Southern California’s pop-punk heritage, fused with the raw intensity of their contemporary peers. This compelling mix harvested recognition from various corners, including prestigious press support and multiple spots on Spotify’s editorial playlists.

Today, as the countdown to their forthcoming EP ticks down, Calmgrove demonstrates an evolution of their distinct sound. Eric Guzman’s vocals carry an undeniable finesse, tracing the technical proficiency of the band’s instrumental ensemble that culminates in an emo-laced catharsis. Their lead single “Jade” marks a triumphant return from the pandemic slump, marrying gritty relatability with captivating alternative rock hooks.

The track “Tossing in My Sleep,” a collaboration with Brad Garcia from Fearless Records’ Locket, is a fine testament to the band’s talent for straddling the line between the darkly atmospheric and the infectiously hooky. The eponymous single, “True Color,” announces their upcoming EP, painting the band’s urgent soundscape onto a dusky aesthetic, offering listeners a powerful infusion of modern alternative music.

The inspiration for their latest single “True Color” is deeply rooted in the sonic legacy of several artists. Calmgrove drew from the emotional grit and raw lyrics of Like Pacific, particularly their album “Control My Sanity.”

The band also tapped into the shifting energy and bendy riffs of Armor for Sleep’s “What To Do When You’re Dead.”

Locket’s “All Out” deeply influenced the band, with their song structures and guitar tones shaping Calmgrove’s sound, leading them to seek out Locket’s Brad Garcia for a collaboration.

Basement’s “Promise Everything” had an indelible impact on the group, particularly with the energy, guitar and bass tones, and transparent lyrics.

Lastly, Knuckle Puck’s “20/20” album, with its impeccable dual vocals, harmonies, melodies, and overall “full” sound, became a cornerstone of influence for “True Color.”

5 Artists That Inspired True Color

Words by the band:

Like Pacific – When we were writing “True Color”, Like Pacific’s recent album “Control My Sanity” dropped and it was in heavy rotation for most of us. Their lyrics and vocal performances are full of emotion, grit, and realness. The guitars in “Love Them and Leave Them” influenced Tommy to write with those dissonant chord type leads in some of the riffs on “True Color”.

Armor for Sleep – One of our favorite albums as a group is “What To Do When You’re Dead” and while touring in ‘21, we gave it a spin while driving through Arizona. It definitely had some subliminal influence on us with how we can go from a heavier gain energetic part but carry it into a rhythmic verse. We also love bendy riffs , which Armor has a lot of.

Locket – “All Out” by Locket is probably one of the most played albums by us. We all vibe with it and really dig their guitar tones, the structuring of their songs, and how they resonate overall with the listener. When we were looking for a feature for a song off “True Color”, we had Brad (of Locket) on the top of our list.

Basement – “Promise Everything” definitely left a mark on us. The energy of the album is something that we talk about and something that we strived to achieve. Daniel loves the guitar and bass tones on the album, especially on “ For You The Moon”. I admire the transparency in Andrew Fisher’s lyrics and dig the style of his vocal performances.

Knuckle Puck – When we started writing “True Color”, Knuckle Puck’s “20/20”, was just dropping and it was influential, to say the least. From a vocal perspective, it’s flawless. The dual vocals, harmonies, and melodies are very on point. We’re also fans of the overall sound of the album and how “full” it feels.

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