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PALEFACE Swiss unleashes savage beatdown metalcore symphony with “Please End Me”

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In the world of heavy hardcore, few names resonate as fiercely as Paleface Swiss, the Zurich-based juggernauts of the genre. Emerging from the ashes of a name change and the disbandment of fellow Swiss metalcore stalwarts, Breakdown of Sanity, Paleface Swiss have unfurled their relentless sonic assault on the international scene. Despite the turmoil, they’ve managed to leverage adversity, emerging stronger and more ruthless in their auditory onslaught.

Last year bore witness to their mind-shattering 2022 album “Fear & Dagger,” an offering that sparked lively discourse among the global connoisseurs of heavy music. Not content with their previous victories, they successfully seized the American scene during a recent tour, cementing their reputation across the Atlantic.

Shortly after their US conquest, Paleface Swiss unveiled ‘Best Before: Death,‘ a fiery successor to their previous LP. Laden with the raw ferocity that’s come to define them, the single continued their narrative of brutal dominance in the metal scene.

Now, they’re raising the stakes yet again with their latest track, ‘Please End Me.‘ Teased for nearly ten days before its release, this offering showcases Paleface Swiss integrating new hardcore elements into their trademark aggressive sound. Marc Zelli, the group’s vocalist, pierces the sonic fabric with even sharper intensity as he helms this audial beast. The song is characterized by breakdowns potent enough to register on the Richter scale, embodying the perfect chaos orchestrated by the band.

In alignment with the track’s audacious spirit, the accompanying video has been deemed too volatile for typical YouTube embedding. However, the undeterred and curious can still experience this sensory deluge by clicking on the provided link HERE.

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