From DEFTONES to LOATHE – modern rockers AURATEQUE share top 5 albums that influenced their sound

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Sydney’s self-proclaimed ‘nu-punk’ group AURATEQUE just released their debut single ‘Paradigm’, an energetic, melodic modern rock/metal song treats listeners to sharp riffs, an explosive rhythm section and powerhouse vocals delivering infectious melodies. To celebrate, we have teamed up to give you their top 5 albums that influenced their sound and further

Brimming with an uncut attitude & undiluted energy, this single sets the foundation for a dichotomy of frenetic performances mixed with moments of raw emotion and catchy hooks full of rich melodic depth.

Channelling influences such as System of A Down & Tonight Alive, ‘Paradigm’ is an impressive debut for Aurateque which has landed them on Spotify’s release radar, Heavy Mag, Total Rock, Belter Radio & more.

Each of these albums have played an integral role in inspiring AURATEQUE’s sound and have greatly helped shape the elements of the band.

I Let It In And It Took Everything by Loathe

An absolute masterpiece of genre experimentation – merging the serene, ethereal depth of shoegaze with the grotesque, cataclysmic and at times absurd aggression that is trademark Loathe. It is so effortlessly balanced and immensely captivating from start to finish. This kind of album only comes once in a blue moon, and hearing it in full for the first time is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

UnReal by My Ticket Home

This album bears an overarching psychedelic aesthetic entwined in a nostalgic but tasteful blend of grunge, punk and nu-metal. Each moment melts into the next – catchy riffs make way for soaring and moody soundscapes oozing with a meditative flavour. This is Lauren’s go-to skate album as well as Matt’s go-to soundtrack for late-night driving.

Diamond Eyes by Deftones

An indisputable modern classic! Discovering this album in high school was a significant turning point in Matt’s approach to songwriting – sparking an immense fascination with modern metal and dreamy shoegaze rock as well as the simple idea of down-tuned guitars. Clear-cut songwriting that doesn’t mess around and simply excellent production make this one of our absolute essential picks of the 2010s.

The Rhapsody Tapes by Ocean Grove

A one-of-a-kind album that showed us what bounds could be broken whilst retaining a consistent, uniform musical experience. A big highlight would be the obscure and adventurous lyricism, unorthodox vocal delivery, and an overall quirky essence that remains a through-thread, tying it all together despite its dramatic shifts in genre. We’re still trying to figure out just what it is that makes this album work so well, but whatever it is, it absolutely slaps.

The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets by Marmozets

Energetic punk anthems crossed with the unconventional and at times unhinged elements of mathcore. A paramount source of inspiration for our development as a band and quite possibly our collective most listened-to album of all time. It’s simply epic from start to finish and Bec Macintyre has got to be one of the best vocalists in the game. Fun fact, our name was inspired by the song ‘Vibetech’.

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