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FUCK THE FACTS premiere new song

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You mouthed it all, atrociously too perfect.
Posed, calm, with this dreadful civility.
This grin!
Reminiscence of a polite drink, a juice cocktail without liquor.
A friendly flavour that pleases all, repels no one.
You are a soft crowd pleasure.
Like a lonely desperate being that brings a basket full of treats.
It will be eaten but you will not gain any friends.
Your seduction campaign is too bold, way too bold.
A dusty old institution with a revamped facade.
A staged glamorous look to appeal my generation.
I have no interest.
I really don’t care.
What are you proud for?
What have you done, to gain our nationwide admiration ?
It was all given to you.
You are just perfect hollow news.
Smoke and mirrors.
A fairy tale accessible for the masses.
A spending spree and a waste of time.

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