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FUCKED UP’s Oberon EP serves as a pummeling curveball from the collective channeling the world of hardcore that birthed them

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Oberon, the latest EP from long-running Canadian hardcore/punk collective FUCKED UP, is out NOW via Tankcrimes!

Named for the king of the fairies, as depicted in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon serves as a pummeling curveball from the collective channeling the world of hardcore that birthed them.

Oberon seethes with despotic and horrendously sludgy riffs exploding in octaves lower than Hades, crashing against hellish bellowing all while the rhythm section heaves at a pace that only Noothgrush, Crossed Out, Kiss It Goodbye, and Bloodlet would tread upon.

Topped off with an absolutely despicable cover of Saint-Saens’ “The Aquarium,” Oberon is the mythologically psychedelic sludge record you never thought FUCKED UP would make. Four tracks of pure audio excretion.

FUCKED UP’s Oberon is available on limited edition LP and digitally. Find ordering options at the Tankcrimes webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE where the record can be streamed in full.

FUCKED UP stands among the most prolific hardcore punk bands of our generation.

Since their 2001 inception, they’ve challenged listeners with thoughtful artful chaos and a seemingly limitless drive for musical experimentation. Because of this, they’ve also become a record collector’s worst nightmare releasing over eighty recordings and collaborations on countless labels that include Deranged, Havoc, Tankcrimes, Deathwish, Matador, Jade Tree, and more.

The band won the 2009 Polaris Music Prize for their second studio album, The Chemistry Of Common Life among countless other accolades over the last two decades.

“The song is a pummeling noise-rock trudge with some seriously unhinged Jesus Lizard shit going on. It’s both punishing and awesome.” – Stereogum on “Strix”

“So few bands are able to take such a chameleon-like approach to music, successfully trying on new genres like different outfits, while somehow maintaining their identity and creative integrity. FUCKED UP remain completely unafraid and unfazed by the ideas of genre boundaries or alienating listeners, boldly forging their way forward however they see fit. Oberon is yet another tome in the case for the world being a better place with FUCKED UP around.” – Distorted Sound Magazine

“FUCKED UP will perpetually prove that they are meant to redefine and reinvent themselves on each new release. Whether they are embarking on a 22-minute trek of a track, or unfurling a 90-second punk rager, FUCKED UP makes everything fit into their wheelhouse. Another winner.” – New Noise Magazine

“FUCKED UP are the real deal when it comes to the underground consistently making interesting music and never letting themselves be labelled as anything specific… You shouldn’t need an excuse to seek out new and innovative music but, if you do, let Oberon be your gateway into the world of FUCKED UP.” – The Razor’s Edge

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