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FUMING MOUTH unveils “The Silence Beyond Life” from upcoming album “Last Day Of Sun”

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As autumn leaves signal the fleeting nature of time, so does Fuming Mouth’s newest anthemic single “The Silence Beyond Life mark a pivotal moment in the band’s journey. With the album “Last Day Of Sun” set to see daylight on November 3, 2023, the release resonates more profoundly considering lead singer, guitarist, and founder Mark Whelan’s recent victorious battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Initially conceived as a fictional concept album, “Last Day Of Sun” evolved into a reality-fiction hybrid, reflective of Whelan’s tangible struggle with his health and the dark shroud of mortality that hovered close.

While the raw, death metal undertones are in line with Fuming Mouth’s traditional catalog, this upcoming LP promises a contemplative edge—dubbed ‘death metal/hardcore for the deep thinker.’


Since their formation in 2013 by Mark Whelan, Massachusetts-based Fuming Mouth has consistently striven for an audacious blend of death metal, channeling influences from Dismember to Motörhead.

FUMING MOUTH live – Dynamo Fest 2023

Their debut album “The Grand Descent” and “Beyond the Tomb” EP serve as monumental landmarks in their evolving soundscape. With the upcoming album “Last Day Of Sun,” Fuming Mouth hints at a poetic and unyielding continuation of their musical odyssey.


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