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Fuzzy old school punk rockers CHEAP WHINE streaming debut LP!

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Eric of FERAL TRASH, VARSITY WEIRDOS and FEAR OF LIPSTICK, Steve of Steve Adamyk BAND and SEDATIVES, and Jordy of CRUSADES and THE CREEPS have joined their forces to form a new band called  CHEAP WHINE, offering a fine mixture of 70’s punk and fuzzy, noisy pop. The record is out July 14th on Drunken Sailor Records, but it has already been unveiled through magazine (satream below). Straddling the line between punk’n’roll and pop infused punk rock, the first effort from CHEAP WHINE is full of surprisesand serves as an affectionate tribute to the older sound that still has a knockabout feel. Listen below and see for yourself.

Cheap Whine sound like classic 70s punk always sounds in your head, but somehow never quite lives up to. Nagging powerpop melodies, frantic energy in abundance and enough snot to fill a swimming pool – mind you, that shouldn’t come as a surprise once you learn who’s involved. Steve Adamyk has been crafting nuggets of two-minute genius with his own band and Sedatives for the last decade, while Eric French makes sweet, sweet trash pop with Feral Trash. Add the powerhouse drumming of Crusades’ Jordy Bell and you’ve got a recipe for mind-blowing, heart-racing magic, which they serve up in deliciously moreish chunks.

Marked Men/Chinese Telephones/Ringers fans, listen up. They sing like they just got turfed out of a bar for throwing peanuts at playboys, and they play like they’re skating through plate glass windows. The ideal amount of fucks are given. What’s more, in closing tracks Best Times and Letter to J, they might just have written the perfect one-two suckerpunch combo of powerpop classics. I’ll take two.

Will Fitzpatrick.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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