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Atmospheric post punks VILLAGES premiere enthralling debut record ‘Ill Ages’

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It seems that with their debut record ‘Ill Ages’, Dresden, Germany’s dreamy post punk rockers VILLAGES became very conscious writers, embracing the depths of organic sounds and the possibilities of digital add-ons and synths with a fine feel of the 80s. After their debut debut last year, ‘Ill ages’ marks their first proper release and it already manages to create a perfect marriage of inspiration and exploration. Listen below and catch them live tonight at Ausser Haus Festival in Naturfreibad Niederbobritzsch near Freiburg (feat. IDIOTEQ featured LINGUA NADA).

VILLAGES. Noise, feedback, and lots of reverb are running through a mess of wires into battered speakers. Hypnotic drums, exciting bass lines, delayed guitars, atmospheric vocals and snarling 80 ́s synths are aligned with a great sensitivity for uncommon song structures. Too often dealing with reality is a disappointment, but on this topic there ́s actually three fingers doing the pinky swear here.

Their roots in d.i.y. punk and post rock becomes obvious in dense and heavy arrangements influenced by their former band, Lara Korona. Anyway, there ́s lots of electronic and orchestral elements as well as thoughtfully composed riffs, rhythm alternations and memorable melodies which appear equally challenging yet accessible. Every live-set of the trio melts into an inseparable mixture of noisy post punk and catchy synth pop.“ (translation of a short review by Anika Matzke /

Mastering by Falk Andreas and Roland Wiegner at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg / January 2017.

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