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Garage glam punk rockers THE IDIOT KIDS share new single “White Flags”

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The Idiot Kids have been diligently waving the flag of offbeat punk since 2011. Based in Detroit, their journey, steeped in the city’s storied musical traditions and evolving with its present narratives, has birthed their forthcoming single, “White Flags.”

Their music isn’t quite like the punk you know. It’s a layered experience; one that amalgamates the verve of punk, the rugged charm of garage rock, and the tunefulness of art pop. The Idiot Kids deliver this cocktail with aplomb, ensuring that every track, every verse, and every chorus resonates with dynamic hooks, spirited tempos, and vocals that could lead a rebellion.

Yet, while their recorded music is a force to be reckoned with, it’s on the stage where The Idiot Kids truly come alive. Marrying the dazzling theatricality of glam with the unrestrained energy of hardcore punk, their live performances have become stuff of local legend.

The imminent release of their single “White Flags” signals more than just a new track. It’s a precursor to their LP “Chapels,” set to unveil itself on December 2nd. Remarkably, most of the album’s soundscape emanated from the basement of their practice space in Hamtramck, with some portions finding life in a secluded cabin in Northern Michigan.

The Idiot Kids

However, the true marvel behind “Chapels” is its embodiment of the DIY ethos that The Idiot Kids wear on their sleeves. Jon-Mikal Bartee, the lead singer and group’s founding pillar, has personally overseen the writing, engineering, and mixing of this LP, crafting an auditory experience that reflects their purest, most unfiltered emotions.

The song was written about the frustrations of insomnia.

“I wanted to convey that feeling of just wanting to give up and surrender to whatever or whoever is keeping you awake at night.” – commented Jon-Mikal Bartee.

The nocturnal struggles of insomnia, narrated by Jon-Mikal, take center stage in “White Flags.”

The Idiot Kids

It’s a track that came to fruition amidst the global pandemic. The lockdown phase saw Jon-Mikal immersing himself in online courses, teaching himself the intricacies of recording and mixing. And when the world was ready to step outside again, so were The Idiot Kids, eager to self-produce their next record.

This self-recording venture wasn’t without its challenges. Resources were scarce, and improvisation was the need of the hour. From used microphones to minimal equipment— everything was streamlined, raw, and real. The outcome? A track and an upcoming album that, in their words, is their “best representation” yet.

The Idiot Kids

The trio comprises of Jon-Mikal Bartee helming the guitar and lead vocals, Nicholas Zambeck striking the bass guitar, and Andrew Maslowsky pounding the drums while also lending his voice for backing vocals.

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