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SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY drop new videos for “I’ll Never Be the Same” and “I’ll Never Smile Again”

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In the latest visual manifestation of their sonic intensity, experimental metal pioneers See You Next Tuesday have dropped a chilling video for their dual tracks, “I’ll Never Be the Same” and “I’ll Never Smile Again”.

Both songs hail from the band’s critically acclaimed album, Distractions, which debuted under the Good Fight Music label earlier this February.

Tony Coon helmed the direction and filming of the video, capturing the essence of chaos and unease, with a production assist from the band’s vocalist, Chris Fox. Dive into the madness.

Complementing this release, the band has rolled out a limited edition vinyl of Distractions. With only 100 copies up for grabs, it’s available now through Good Fight Music.

Emerging in 2004, See You Next Tuesday carved a niche in extreme metal, gaining notoriety with their earlier releases, Parasite (2007) and Intervals (2008), under Ferret Music.

Their sound, a melange of controlled anarchy, has matured over the years. Their recent offering, Distractions, encapsulates a modern grindcore aura.


Comprising thirteen tracks, the album is a maelstrom of frenzied guitars and Chris Fox’s electrifying vocals. Yet, it’s Drew Slavik’s drumming prowess that truly shines, his audacious blast beats harmonizing seamlessly with his unique homemade samples.

The entirety of Distractions was birthed in Slavik’s home studio, where he juggled roles – from recording to production and mixing. The final mastering touch was provided by Josh Schroeder, known for his work with Lorna Shore and In Hearts Wake.

See You Next Tuesday consists of the talented quartet: Drew Slavik on guitar, Chris Fox as the vocalist, Rick Woods on bass, and James Watson behind the drums.

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