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“Gender Traitor” chaotic hardcore duo DEATH GOALS drops sick new single; shares Top 10 LGBTQ+ Artists you should listen to

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Herts based Chaotic-Hardcore duo, DEATH GOALS, return with their brand new ear-crusher “Gender Traitor”. Opening up about queer identity for the first time in their music, Death Goals demonstrate their introspective writing while also demonstrating they’re not afraid to go against the grain, perfectly mixing abrasive, noisy hardcore with experimentations in post-punk and pop. Today, we’re giving you the first listen of this beast of a track, along with a special list of the band’s “Top 10 LGBTQ+ Artists” with their commentary Why you should listen to them.

With their new single also comes a new line up, Harry Bailey is now joined by drummer and vocalist, George Milner, formerly of Pet Library/Petlib. Not afraid to go against the grain, the two-piece perfectly mix abrasive, noisy hardcore with experimentations in post-punk and pop.

With the release of Gender Traitor, Bailey opens up about their own queer identity for the first time in their music, dating the lyrics back to 2019, “I was feeling very introspective about my own queerness, something iโ€™ve never really addressed in song format, and realised more and more that Iโ€™ve been incredibly lucky as a white, for the most part straight passing male in that community and that there were many who were not as fortunate. I looked into conversion therapy, โ€˜Pray the gay awayโ€™ camps, these disgusting ordeals that people within this community have been subjected to often by their own family or community.”

Bailey continues, “I feel the lyrics address the people of the world who subject LGBTQ+ people to these atrocities, we donโ€™t choose to be who we are but we are proud of who we are, we wonโ€™t change because you donโ€™t understand us. Iโ€™m super excited to have broken the seal and now feel more willing to open up and express that side of myself more publicly.โ€

Recorded in the summer of 2020 with producer Tom Hill (Modern Rituals, Employed To Serve, The Yacht Club), the release of Gender Traitor sees the beginning of a new season for Death Goals, with a lot more on the horizon.

Death Goals’ Top 10 LGBTQ+ Artists and Why you should listen to them

Trixie Mattel (H)

Winner of Ru Paulโ€™s Drag Race, MakeUp Mogul, Musician, there is seemingly nothing Trixie Mattel canโ€™t turn her hand to. Her last album Barbara was one of my favourites of 2020 with a catchy mix of surf rock and americana, itโ€™s definitely worth a listen. Within the niche world of Drag Artist Albums, Trixie really stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Tracks to listen to: Malibu, I Donโ€™t Have A Broken Heart, Mama Donโ€™t Make Me Put On The Dress Again.

Limp Wrist (H)

I discovered Limp Wrist embarrassingly recently through the Hate5Six channel on youtube (shout out) and was just blown away by them. Super gnarly old school hardcore/power violence with tongue in cheek lyrics regarding the gay community. I mean what more could you possibly want!

Tracks to listen to: Just Like You, To The Grave, I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore

Girl In Red (H)

Girl In Red SLAPS and I wonโ€™t hear a word against her. I donโ€™t know how she does it but every one of her songs hits something within me, theyโ€™re just really well written songs!! Sheโ€™s in my top 5 acts to see live as soon as shows are back.

Tracks to listen to: Girls, Bad Idea, I wanna be your girlfriend

Pupil Slicer (H)

Iโ€™ve been a super fan of Pupil Slicer ever since the first show Death Goals played with them. Utter masters of the mathcore genre, leaving everybody they share a line up with sweaty palms and an impending sense of dread knowing theyโ€™ve got to try and follow them. Their debut album (out on Prosthetic Records) is definitely going to be an album of the year contender for me for sure.

Tracks to listen to: Wounds Upon My Skin, Spectral, Lโ€™appel Du Vide

Cher Strauberry (H)

Over lockdown I watched โ€˜Loveletter To LGBTQ+โ€™ part of the โ€˜Jeff Grossoโ€™s Loveletters to Skateboardingโ€™ series on Vans. A must watch if you’re a skater or just have a casual interest in it like I do. Of all the wonderful members of the LBGTQ+ community who were interviewed I fell head over heels in love with Cher Strauberry who currently rides for Vans, and after falling down a lengthy youtube rabbit hole I discovered Cherโ€™s music. A lush mix of lofi bedroom pop and punk perfect suited for any skate compilation or kitchen boogie.

Tracks to listen to: Trap, Eight, Dysphoric

Gay Panic Defence (H)

Prior to the end of the world I was going to attend Dreadfest in Leeds with a bunch of friends where my must see act of the whole weekend was Gay Panic Defence. The Scottish three piece perfectly blends all the elements of hardcore and power violence I love into one big delicious beverage that I just canโ€™t get enough of.

Tracks to listen to: Means Girls 2, Bunch of gimps, A little kiss and a belly rub


When I first started playing shows in my old band (Pet Library) and became a part of the UK DIY alt/emo/grunge/whatever-you-wanna-call-it scene I discovered ITYIWEY and very soon after became good friends with them. The honesty of the band in all aspects is something that really resonates with me and I think that they truly deserve to be recognised as one of the best bands in the UK right now.
Tracks to listen to: Off Brand, Gold Rush, Less Now

Kitchens Of Distinction (G)

If youโ€™ve ever thought about how cool itโ€™d be if The Smiths made shoegaze, then you should listen to Kitchens Of Distinction. I discovered KOD a couple of years back and was absolutely blown away by how many catchy hooks and choruses they have! Patrick Fitzgeraldโ€™s is one of my favourite vocalists and itโ€™s crazy how criminally underrated KOD are!
Tracks to listen to: Gorgeous Love, Drive That Fast, When In Heaven

Liturgy (G)

I am a big black metal fan and in a genre where there is a lot of negativity towards the LGBTQ+ community it is refreshing to have such an incredible band to be a fan of. Both musically and in their message I think thereโ€™s a lot to be said about the power and influence this band has not only on fans, but also the artists in their scene.
Tracks to listen to: True Will, Lonely OIOION, Sun of Light

Frank Ocean (G)

Frank Ocean is one of my all-time favourite artists. Iโ€™ve had some of the best times of my life soundtracked by his records and heโ€™s an artist I will always love. I remember listening to Channel Orange ahead of seeing him at a festival (an appearance that sadly got cancelled) and I instantly fell in love with his voice.
Tracks to listen to: Pyramids, Self Control, Super Rich Kids

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