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German post rockish emo band WISHES ON A PLANE share new re-release of entrancing s/t record

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After receiving great response on the posthumous wishes on a plane record “unreleased” in Spring 2020, WISHES ON A PLANE decided to unearth more songs that were self-released back in 2003, mostly to a small audience of friends, family, and visitors of local shows. This self titled EP was their first actual release and shows the band’s earlier songwriting stages with a softer and more straight forward, introverted, almost shy style of songwriting, arrangement and production. The songs were remixed and remastered keeping both an eye on portraying the soul and feel of the original recording, but also providing modern sound aesthetic. Time As A Color label has just revealed the full stream of the record and today we’re stoked to unveil its full glory, along with the band’s special commentary below.

Comments Daniel Becker: “Looking at these old pictures from the time when we were recording those five songs in my dad’s basement I can only smile about how young we were, we were literally still kids at around 20, most of us still living with our parents, no big obligations, and I remember my mind being so free from stuff I had to do and so focused on the things I was passioned about. I’ve never been aiming at making a living from playing my music, yet I’ve always wanted go reach something with it. Now, seeing how people are still interested in hearing these songs we wrote almost 20 years ago, I guess that’s that something I’ve always wanted to reach. A legacy, somewhat.”

“When recording drums we were doing live takes with bass, drums and melody guitar, then would only keep the drums and overdub all guitars and bass. Because our bass player Josef had some important obligation during drum sessions you see me (Daniel) playing the bass on the pictures during live takes, which is one of the rare occasions I ever played a bass guitar. the other two occasions I can think of were the first 2 duct hearts songs.”

Wishes on A Plane

“On some pictures you see me working on that digital 16 channel Roland multitrack recorder I used to own before I bought my first recording PC in 2004 or so. It was great to record but mixing was a little difficult as it only had very limited processor capacity to use filters and effects, that’s why the original mix/master sounded very calm, a little muddy, which always bugged me, but it kinda gave the songs an understating, lo-fi vibe. When we gave the songs to Role at Tonmeisterei for a new mix we asked him to try to keep that understating vibe while making it a little clearer, a little more in your face. He perfectly found the right compromise between the two aesthetics, we couldn’t be more happy about the outcome.”

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