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Get into a nostalgic mood with “Space Club”, great new single from new-wave duo ADORED

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New-wave duo ADORED (composed of brothers Lennon and Christian Nichols) are stepping back out into the world with the video for their latest single Space Club. The release marks the third revelation in an ongoing audio/visual exploration that the band launched late last year. The track builds layers of synth and drums before beckoning the listener to get out on the dancefloor with an explosion of intensity emphasized by the bass and guitar. Thematically, Space Club explores feelings evoked by sensual intimacy and sexual passion.

In October of 2020, Adored premiered their first single, Adored, and followed up with their second single, Midnight Sanctuary, in February. The Space Club video picks up where Midnight Sanctuary leaves off and follows the brothers walking the city under a night sky, visiting landmarks and imagery used in the visual counterpart for Adored, tying the videos together with an overarching concept.

The duo employed long-time friend and cinematographer Bryce Rhine with help from co-collaborator F. Starr Caschkè. Bassist/vocalist Lennon said of the experience: “I’m extremely grateful for Bryce and his willingness to help. It’s always nerve-wracking bringing other people in to help form something that is really important and sacred to you. But Bryce saw the vision from the start and absolutely killed it. He was able to help us build something that is so cohesive to what we have been doing visually and just added a lot of excitement and creativity to this video. It made this whole effort and experience very special and I think the video really reflects that.”

An ambitious pair, the Nichols brothers set out to self-direct a video for each of the songs on their upcoming EP (title and release date yet to be disclosed). “There are two more acts left in this collection,” Christian states, hinting at the future “we’re pulling back the clouds in the resolve…things are getting brighter.”



You’re like a miracle, miracle
I wanna, I wanna
Can I touch you, taste you, feel you?
You turn me inside out
You spin me upside down
It’s like our first time

So come a little closer, hold your hand up to the flame
I love the way you kiss me when we’re standing in the rain
After everything you said
I just want to go to bed
Let’s whisper little nothings ‘til we’re every shade of red

It’s like a miracle, miracle,
I wanna, I wanna
Can I tease you, trace you, heal you?
She spun me round and round
Spoke words into my mouth
Charged with the worst crime

So come a little closer, I just want to breathe you in
I love the way it feels to let me cleanse you of your sin
After everything you said
I just want to go to bed
Let’s whisper little nothings ‘til we’re every shade of re

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