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GLOCCA MORRA calls it quits!

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The band’s frontman commented:

hello everyone and happy holidays. it’s a stressful time for all of us, as a country and as humans. in light of America’s most recent case of our failing justice system I feel that now would be as good a time as any to tell you that we are ending glocca morra.

my first draft of this post became too autobiographical and contrived. I wanted to talk about our history but it started to become a history lesson that even I got bored of writing.

this band was very important to me and definitely dictated my formative years. we haven’t really done anything in the past two years save for two short tours with Owls and Joyce Manor. we just kind of stopped. but I don’t want to burn out quietly or remain a band that plays a local show once or twice a year.

so we’re going to do one final tour in april. I’m not sure when or where yet but this will give us enough time to get our shit together and press some records, etc.

this is not an angry ending. it’s an amicable departure. we all remain friends and are all still extremely active in our contributions to art. do some research and you will eventually find all of our related projects.

so thanks everyone. much love to all who have supported us, booked us, put our records out, housed us, etc.

see ya soon,


and then added:

hey everyone, throughout the weekend Ice Age records (who has supported us forever) will be donating 100% of gross sales (not profit) to the Urban League of St. Louis. Square of Opposition will be doing so as well, tomorrow. Please consider picking up some merch from them and supporting a worthy cause.

I am truly sorry if the things I said in my previous post upset you in any way. reading back on it I can totally see how it came off as crude and insensitive; I did not mean for it to.

for more information on the urban league

ice age / square of opp: /

enjoy your thanksgiving, be with your families. some of us, ahem, will be working.

Karol Kamiński

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