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GOD’s COMPUTER reveals a unique, lo-fi take on alt metal with “John Wane”

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When it comes to the alternative metal scene in Kansas City, you’d probably expect a certain sound, a certain vibe. Enter God’s Computer, the brainchild of Liam, a project that’s turning heads – though not always for the reasons you’d expect. Fresh off the release of its first album on December 10th, God’s Computer is something of an oddball in the local music scene.

Liam’s approach is, well, unique. He’s churned out 58 songs so far, and he’s played a good number of shows around Kansas City, but it’s his self-assurance that really makes him stand out. He’s got the confidence of someone who truly believes in what they’re doing, even if it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Delving deeper into the backstory of God’s Computer, we discover that Liam O’Hara’s musical journey began in the digital halls of a Reddit community, r/bedroombands. Here, he honed his skills, creating around 30 demos with collaborators spanning the globe. However, not everyone was attuned to his distinctive vocal style and artistic vision, leading Liam to eventually part ways with the group. His exploration of the metal genre, preferring melodic instrumentals over screams, further distinguished his path.

Drawing inspiration from an unlikely source, legendary baseball player Nolan Ryan, Liam sees a reflection of his own artistic journey in the stories of great athletes. It’s an interesting angle, albeit a bit left-field for a musician. But then again, God’s Computer isn’t about doing things the conventional way.

Liam’s music has been described as polarizing, and that’s putting it mildly. It’s the kind of sound that could leave you scratching your head, wondering what you just listened to. But according to Liam, that’s the point. He’s not here to blend in. He’s here to stand out, even if it means ruffling a few feathers.


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Liam’s approach to creating music is primarily for his own enjoyment, a notion that might come off as self-indulgent but also speaks to a certain purity in his artistic intent. He’s making music that he wants to hear, regardless of mainstream appeal or industry standards.


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His future goals are ambitious, with plans to release an impressive number of songs and increase his live performances. However, these plans seem more like personal challenges than a calculated path to widespread acclaim.

Despite feeling misunderstood in the industry and facing collaboration challenges, Liam’s journey with God’s Computer is a testament to doing things one’s own way. His path might not be conventional, and the music might not resonate with everyone, but it’s certainly making a statement in its unique fashion.

Liam’s music philosophy is like pineapple on pizza – highly polarizing. His tunes have elicited everything from raised eyebrows to outright guffaws. But like a chef committed to his strange recipes, these mixed reviews seem to only spur him on. He’s not here to blend into the background music of a hipster coffee shop; he’s here to stand out, whether you like it or not

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