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SEIN unleashes new melodic death metal tour de force “World Of Scattering Flowers”

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Italian extreme band SEIN, featuring members from the chaotic beast Zeit, has today released their eagerly anticipated second EP, “World Of Scattering Flowers.” This release comes as a breath of fresh air for fans who have been yearning for new material since the last offering from Zeit in 2020.

“World Of Scattering Flowers” emerges from the shadows of silence and represents a formidable addition to the Melodic Death Metal.

The EP, characterized by its intense and darkly decadent sound, is a masterful blend of influences from seminal bands like At The Gates, early In Flames, and Dark Tranquility.

SEIN has skillfully woven these influences to explore the full spectrum of melodic death metal, seamlessly transitioning from Progressive Metal to hardcore outbursts and old-school metal, all while preserving the distinctive Gothenburg sound.


Released under the banner of Callisto Records, a collective more akin to a group of musicians than a traditional label, the EP features five tracks. Each piece is packed with the intensity and depth of a full album, showcasing the band’s versatility and commitment to the genre.

In a special treat for fans, “World Of Scattering Flowers” is available in multiple formats. The EP is released on 100 hand-numbered vinyls, limited edition CDs, and across all major streaming platforms, in collaboration with Callisto Records, Dingleberry Records, Deep Sound Records, and Indelirium Records.

Continuing the tradition set in their first album, SEIN welcomed back guest artists Cinci Cinacola (Maat Mons), Chiara Oliva (Aza), and Fabio Mialich (As The Sun).

This album also includes two tribute covers: an over-arranged, more melodic, and aggressive rendition of “Stand Ablaze” by In Flames from their 1995 EP “Subterranean,” and “The Fist” by 2009Lives, an underground Italian Swedmetal/metalcore band from the early 2000s.

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