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GOODBYE METEOR give post rock an emotional tension with their beautiful balance between calm and explosive, share top post rock records of the year

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Amiens, France based post rockers GOODBYE METEOR may not be progressing a signature sound into new territories, but they are certainly capable of taking what’s best from their inspirations and come up with an intelligent and well-crafted offering that follows in the footsteps of the iconic predecessors of the genre.

There is an elegance to their craft and we’re stoked to give you their new single “Play Or Die”, the first forerunner of their new EP “Metanoia“, mastered by Philip Saxin from Oh Hiroshima, to be released on February 4th 2022, and the band’s special list of top post rock releasesof the year!

cover EP Metanoia 2022 Goodbye Meteor

The new video metaphorises their ecological message and the reconciliation of man and nature, through the inner quest of the central character.

For fans of: Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and Caspian.

Top post rock records of the year, by GOODBYE METEOR:

GOODBYE METEOR Credit photo Ludo Leleu 2022-min

Cedric Pecourt (guitar):


I discovered this artist thanks to Greg from “the sound camp” with whom we looked for ambient artists to remix our first ep, he has a very powerful and submersive sound, he is a master, we’ve become friends since then and the man is as good as his music.


Mono is surely the band that influences us the most today, it is one of the groups that we all love together, it is however very intimate what we can feel when listening to Mono, it is emotional and very intense, and a career model for the post-rock scene


This new album is a journey, a descent into hell and a glow in the night, as usual no disappointment, each album is a page in the history of modern music because it always seems to have some in advance, it is very realistic on our world as it is today… a bit like a RADIOHEAD album (ahah)


Surely one of the greatest french ambient artist, his music is very sensitive and emotional, very worked sounds like Nine inch nails.


It’s a great album, the recording is monstrous, i think our friends from When waves collides have everything to become a big name in the post rock scene, we are talking to do some shows together.

Maxime Picquart (guitar):

Lullabies for Falling Empires – Twins

This is magical, it can probably bring you to tears! You can definitely hear the lullabies singing, as empires are falling.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!

An absolute magnificent bunch of outstanding melodies, purity!

Deafheaven – Infinite Granite

Discovered this year, this band is now part of my tops ! Sounds like a shoegaze band sometimes and I really appreciate the result of this mix of styles. It sounds really good and the universe of the band is fascinating.

Methadone Skies – Retrofuture Caveman

An interesting mix of different atmospheres. Really enjoyed the cover art as well, a real identity clearly emerges here.

Bruit – The machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again

It sounds wild, massive, sharp rythms, big noises, I like it.

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