Greg Bennick comments on the Ferguson protests; another killing reported!

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Greg Bennick of TRIAL and BETWEEN EARTH & SKY took a stand about the Ferguson protests by posting the following message on his blog.


The situation in Ferguson Missouri has escalated over the last week and Adam Senecaut went to see firsthand what was happening there. The inequalities of race, class, and power/authority there will not be solved by prayers and peace, but rather by confrontation: and this does not necessarily mean violence. Instead, we need to look at Ferguson as an opportunity to talk about these issues because we can no longer ignore them. The confrontation is real and immediate and constant. If we choose to “hope”, if we choose to wait it out, to ignore the situation, and to pretend that this doesn’t matter (“what is new about Ferguson” and “this happens in ____ city all the time”) then it is us who are the truly violent ones, because we are allowing this to continue unchecked. We become responsible for every injury, moment of oppression, and for the maintaining of a system completely out of balance.

Believe nothing, read everything, and above all: think.

Listen to the interview at this location.

In other, related news, 2 St. Louis city police officers shot and killed a black man, who stole 2 cans of energy drink in a local store and came within several feet of the policemen showing a knife in a confrontation a few miles from the suburb of Ferguson.

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