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Grenoble hardcore punks INFLUENCE NEFASTE release new split with SHINKEN; comment on 2020

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Just in time for today’s release of their new split with Grenoble hardcore punks SHINKEN, their home town pals from INFLUENCE NEFASTE are joining us with their quick summary of 2020, with a special shortlist of 4 records that resonated with them this year.

Composed of 5 tracks, this split album is in the direct line of 90s punk / hardcore releases: dynamic, effective and straight to the point. Influence Nefaste channels the energy of straight-edge bands like Strife or 7 Seconds, while the sharp and powerful side from SHINKEN brings back memories of melodic hardcore with NYHC influences that bite!


“Influence Néfaste & Shinken: 2020 has been a hard year.” – says the band. “We haven’t play many shows, just a little bit at the beginning of the year even if we did one of our best at a local squat (with bands Split the Atom, xBreak Outx & Changes). Our rehearsal room has been closed for several months, so we couldn’t work so much on news songs.”

“I think this year put back on the table why we, underground bands, are doing this: rehearsing, playing gigs? Is it worth it ? And obviously, it is. Making music is part of our lives, a sort of fresh oxygen that we need every week and/week-end.”

In 2021, the band hopes to play a lot more shows. “Going to work and then home for months was boring AF.” – they admit.

Influence Nefaste are also working on their first album, with more details coming up in 2021.

To wrap up this year, we asked them to give us their top picks released in 2020 and here’s what they shared:

Ulcerate – Stare Into Death and Be Still

The returning of the new zealand death metal legends. In term of atmosphere, dynamic and construction, it is a clear round.

Boldy James / Sterling Toles – Manger on McNichols

A masterpiece that went a little unnoticed this year. This is a sort of free jazz and rap, with strong rhymes and lyrics though

Satanic Surfers – Back from Hell (yeah it’s a 2018 album)

In their 2000-2008, they had more pop albums, almost boring, but this album is a comeback to the roots, full of energy!

Enslaved – Utgard

New album of the black metal / progressive rock norway musicians. They have an incredible capacity to reinvent themselves and this krautrock influences are clearly very appreciated.

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