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Guide To Eva Foam to Protect Your Music Gear

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Eva foam is an inexpensive material that is easy to work with, is durable, and is very popular with all sorts of users. This kind of foam can be found anywhere. You can find it in sports gear, packaging, cushions, seating, yoga mats, padding for cervical collars, crafting needs, and costuming. The use of this foam is very broad and purposeful. Besides, Eva foam is used for protecting your musical gear and can help you make sure that your instruments will not have scratches and lumps, which can ruin the aesthetics of your instruments and influence their sound. Here are some ways Eva foam is used for your instruments’ protection.

Eva Foam Is Smooth

Eva foam, in comparison to some other types of foam, has a very smooth surface and is a compact material, which will ensure your gear stays in place. Another positive aspect of this foam is that there are no bubbles. If there are no bubbles, there are no troubles. Bubbles in foam can make it much softer, so it will not protect your gear efficiently. Eva foam is the type of foam that will make the best choice for layering.

It Is Capable of Absorbing the Hard Impact

Eva foam has many different positive sides, and one of them is that it is perfectly capable of absorbing hard impact blows. This is the reason why this kind of foam is most commonly used as the inside padding, which can ensure the safe transport of valuable equipment. A similar principle is used with Professional AV & Production Equipment, where the insides of gearboxes are layered with Eva foam. Another helpful thing you can do is to place the EVA foam sheets in between the computer monitors and TV screens so you can secure them while in transit. This is especially important with the karaoke hosts and will make sure that the show stall holders stay in place.

Photo by Mike B
Photo by Mike B

You Can Customize It to Fit Your Equipment Perfectly

One of the greatest benefits of this foam is that it is entirely impervious to mold, mildew, bacteria, and rot, which will ensure that all of your equipment remains moisture free, and we all know that long exposure can be damaging. Just as we have mentioned before, EVA foam does not contain any kind of bubbles, which will make it very demanding for shaping. On the contrary, this kind of foam is of a somewhat firmer consistency and is therefore much easier to be shaped. Even though it is a bit firmer, you can still cut it with a knife. This allows you to cut the foam so it can practically hug your instruments and protect them from high-impact blows.

Eva foam is among the most convenient materials, as this foam has found its use in so many different industries. The music industry did not resist using this inexpensive yet convenient material for musical instrument safety. A foam like this is sturdy and soft at the same time and will embrace your music gear without letting moisture penetrate.

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