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GUT FEELING release new EP this Winter!

Recorded with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business, this 6-track EP is now being promoted with the opening single called “Living With Ghosts”, premiered via Greensboro, North Carolina’s Headfirst! Records. Be sure to check it out!

Gut Feeling is a North Carolina hardcore band consisting of various members around the region (ex-Catharsis, Undying, Torch Runner, Nightbear, etc). Musically these guys deviate from the previous more metal-laced endeavors and the only part that really carries over from the previous is top notch song-writing, structure and musicianship. Gut feeling does a great job bringing back anthemic hardcore in the vein of bands such as Champion, Comeback Kid, Modern Life is War, etc think fast polished hardcore punk with melodic guitar overtones, a tasteful spattering of gang vocals and sing along parts. / Bitter Melody Records


seasons change and in our short days
when we’re gone, what’s left to say
so here’s to the next to fade
to the ghosts of promises made
when hopes and heart turn to dust in hand
if our screams and shouts come to quiet ends
and the passing years turn hearts to stone
if the lights go down and we’re left alone

I know these days go by so fast
our youth expires, our moments pass

so don’t tell me what it meant
tell me what it means, not how it ends
because we’ve had enough of doubt
“you’re too old to care, you’re too young to count”
tell me is growing up
a kiss goodbye to how you felt so much
did they tell you it was all in vain
trade your hopes for fears, your dreams for a cage

so let’s wear our hearts on sleeves
because every second changes everything
and it’s what we do with this, anything but call it quits
if time is running out, let’s make it count

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