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HANNYA – “Envy” video

Forti-Cesena’s HANNYA have released their debut EP “Acceptance” earlier this month and now you have a chance to watch them live in action in their newest music video for the track “Envy”.

The band commented:

This records reflects our moods, our emotions, and all that we lived in this year and a half. What we ask you is to listen to it and, if you like, to share it with your friends. It’s really important for us that everyone, who can appreciate it, got the possibility to listen to it, so help us and spread the voice.


Prisoner of my insecurities
darkness wraps my body.
While your light shines
it shines brighter than mine.
So warm and blinding
I can feel it on my skin.
Are these chains blocking my wings?
Have I been enslaved by my sins?
I’ve spent my whole life scraping this mirror
without nails to harm it.
I should find something good in myself
instead of condemn me for my every failure.
So what’s left of me?
A body made by frail bones and a skin
marked by the scars of my ambitions.
Only a ruined soul corroded by envy.
(So what‘s left of me, now that my unique pain is distress?)

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