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HARANGUE – “By The Strength Of The Mighty Atlas” (2014)

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HARANGUE – “By The Strength Of The Mighty Atlas” (2014)

Check out this new release from Canadian metallic hardcore crew HARANGUE. Their new effort “By The Strength Of The Mighty Atlas” is getting some highly positive reviews so far and I must admit it’s not disappointing at all! Read the official announcement and grab your copy as soon as possible!

After the stunning Battle Not with Monsters EP released in early 2013, Harangue retakes the offensive once more with a new EP, By the Strength of the Mighty Atlas, a crushing blend of metallic hardcore fury, angular mathcore rhythms and scorching, powerful screams that will surely be enjoyed by fans of Botch, Norma Jean and Narrows.

By the Strength of the Mighty Atlas sounds infinitely tighter and more venomous than its predecessor and is rife with standout moments, the twisted and frenzied riffs displayed in “The Solidity Of A Ghost” and “The Engine 2.0”remind us of acts like Botch, Coalesce and Narrows, while the more straightforward, mosh-oriented riffing of “Empty Mouth”is akin to early Norma Jean.

Even though Harangue are not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve, By the Strength of the Mighty Atlas still retains a signature sound and sees them fashion their own identity, which is also determined by a strong will to infuse a creative and aggressive attitude back into the heavy music scene. Essentially, their mission is to carry the torch for innovative and aggressive music that was lit by scene pioneers such as Bloodlet, Deadguy and Coalesce.


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