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Hardcore All-Stars THE TAKE release new anthemic oi punk album

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I have been hearing about a new band called THE TAKE lately. So, I did a little bit of research and I discovered what you might call “A skinhead power trio”. You see, former Madball and Agnostic Front drummer, Will Shepler, had this idea for a project. He then recruits the likes of Scott Robertson on guitar and vocals, who just left Biohazard, and he jumps onboard. After completing the lineup with bass player, Carlos Congote from 45 Adapters, this thing is ready to go!

Staying true to their old school Oi roots, The Take have finished up their self-titled debut album and it is ALL THAT! The album kicks off with “The Skins Are Out Tonight”. From the opening bass line kicking off the album, this song rocks. This song is fast paced, anthemic and has a ton of “feel” behind it. Scott’s vocals are gritty and raw but at the same time, perfectly in key. A great song to start an album with. They keep up the same pace with the next tune, “Class War”. This song alternates between choppy guitar verses and smooth chorus riffs with some bass rattling behind it. The next song on the record, “Elitist”, is one of the top songs on the album. This three-chord song with a ton of Oi-Oi-Oi’s thrown in there really hit the spot. The drums were on point as well as the guitar and bass. Just a great song. The fourth song on the album, “Place The Blame”, is another memorable song. This one starts out quite bouncy with the opening verse riff and a four-chord chorus that reminds a lot of the Old Firm Casuals. Although there are many similarities, their sound is quite unique from them, but just as relevant.

About halfway through the record, “No Tolerance”, starts out with a guitar riff that leads you right into a true circle-pit song. “Fuck you and your agenda, fuck you and your ideals” are lyrics we can all appreciate as punk rock aficionados. Excellent gang vocals on this one as well. “People Like You” is another top favorite of mine. I can’t determine which is catchier with this song between the verses and choruses. You may have to just decide for yourself. Facing the same dilemma as the last song, “Revolution Now”, is another power anthem of rebellion. The breakdown in the middle consists of bass and drums until vocals join in and then guitar comes in and takes the song home! “Tits On A Bull” is another memorable song, much in the vein of the other songs on the album, whose theme is that of uselessness.

“King Of The World” is an excellent song of empowerment that is getting me a bit fired up as we speak. (I usually have the songs playing on my headphones when I write these reviews, so naturally…) A perfect demonstration of vocal talent on this song as well. “Dead To Me” changes things up a bit with its circle-pit style riffs and let us not forget the heaviest breakdown on the record lurks within this song as well. Closing the record out, “Pray For A Miracle” is a perfect way to wrap this one up, staying true to their roots and their message. All in all, this is a great punk record. Regardless of sub-genres and whatnot, this record delivers. Pick it up ASAP and you will not regret it.

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