Have fun! An interview with California punk rock veterans GUTTERMOUTH

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GUTTERMOUTH‘s mastermind Mark Adkins sat down with IDIOTEQ to answers some of our questions about the band’s new EP “Got It Made” out now on Bird Attack Records and Rude Records, upcoming full length, inspiration for punk lyrics and the evolution of music industry. Launch the new record below and scroll down to read the full interview.

GUTTERMOUTH‘s “Got It Made” EP was released on July 15th via Rude Records and Bird Attack Records and marked the band’s first record in 10 years. Formed in Huntington Beach, California in 1988, Guttermouth was heavily influenced by the Southern California punk rock scenes of the 1980’s which spawned bands such as the Adolescents, The Vandals, Social Distortion, Fear, Descendents, Angry Samoans, Bad Religion and Black Flag. The band took these influences and developed their own style of fast, punk tempos with humorously sarcastic and offensive lyrics coupled with equally outrageous and offensive behavior, developing a reputation for chaotic live shows. With their first new material in ten years, Guttermouth is poised to add a new chapter to their legacy as one of punk rock’s seminal acts. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty of controversy over the years. In other words – They are punk rock as it’s meant to be.

“Uniforms don’t describe most folks’ reality. There’s a skeleton in everyone’s punk side of the closet” serves as one of the coolest record introductions this year. Can you please expound a bit on that? What issues are intriguing you guys in 2016 and what message did you like to send with your new EP?

As far as the first part of your question, I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but the old fashion “Punk” dress code has been completely played out, especially here in Southern California. There is nothing shocking out there anymore and the landscape (and peoples closets) is filled with big box stores selling “punk” looking gear for moms, dads and all just in time for the kids back to school wear.

There really isn’t a message within the record itself. We just want people to know that we are back recording and going full speed ahead. I’m saving the concept album for the next release.

There are so many punk rock and hardcore bands sharing their uncompromising commentary on various social issues and the current state of politics. Do you feel there’s still a lot of voids to fill in that process? How inspiring is the current global economic, social and political situation for independent artists and upstream authors?

You summed it up perfectly when you stated “so many punk rock and hardcore bands sharing commentary.” To me the messages all sound the same, thus diluting every political tyraid voiced from a stage or whatnot. I try and stay out of the political arena as bitching about things to like-minded people goes nowhere slow. I am so bored with the sensationalized news programs who are like a broken record. Just repeating the same shit over and over. It makes me feel like I’m at some punk gig being educated by a guy with a not so shocking green mohawk and same old elbow spider web tattoo. If people want change they should run for public office, not start a band. Remember the flower children bands of the 60’s did not stop the Vietnam war.

What’s your personal view on punk rock as a tool in seeking change to a system that is broken? Do you still care about such things? How has the band’s mission changed over the years?

I kind of addressed that in the previous answer. There are better ways of building a mouse trap rather than talking about it in song. For example, just build one. There is way too much talk going on and if band think they are making a difference, they are wrong.

How do you stay inspired and creative?

Drugs and alcohol. Ha Ha, but seriously, I’m inspired by watching other people. Whether they are funny, failing or doing something amazing. I find a great amount of fodder in humanity.

What surprised you most about the current state of your local music scene and the industry in general? Did you predict any of current trends or technologies would happen? :)

I was blindsided by the recording industries collapse. I was standing on the railroad tracks and didn’t see or hear the engine coming. As far as predicting trends or technologies. THE CASSETTE TAPE!! Ha Ha Ha.

Has the internet and digital revolution affected the way you think about your physical artifacts like CDs, zines, vinyls, etc.? How has your relationship with this kind of stuff changed?

My physical artifacts have just changed to ancient artifacts and now my apt. has much more floor space.

Mark, back to the band, how does this new lineup work for GUTTERMOUTH? How would you compare its energy to earlier versions of GUTTERMOUTH from the 90s?

The current line-up is stellar and I couldn’t be happier with everyone. It’s kind of like the 90’s version, but with a few more human beings. We just go out and have fun. GUTTERMOUTH has always played shows for ourselves.

Are there further plans to re-introduce the band with some more quality recordings? Are you already planning on writing for a new full length?

Yes yes!! I will be finishing up vocals for the next release this week. We are far from done. We just needed some time to let the dust settle from the record business meltdown and see where to go from there.

Great!So when will be able to catch you guys live in the coming months? Any plans to hit Europe to promote the new record here?

I’m sure we will make it over. The road is our home so we want to hit every spot on earth.


9/22 @ Backstage Bar and Billiards, Las Vegas
9/23 @ McMurry’s, Bishop, CA
9/24 @ Jub Jub’s Thirst, Reno, NV

Great! Thanks so much for your time and precious thoughts. Feel free to wrap it up with your final message and take care! Good luck! :)

Thank you for the interest in our band.

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