Video interview: Italian post hardcore band FALL OF MINERVA

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A couple of months after the release of their debut full length “Portraits” via OverDrive Rec, Vicenza, Basick RecordsGoodfellas Records, Unquiet Records, Trvs Records, and Towner Records, Italian progressive post hardcore band FALL OF MINERVA continue to play shows and spread the word about this fantastic record. We caught up with them to learn more about the band, their creative process, approach to touring and plans for the future. Watch below and be sure to check out “Portraits”, a record that confounds most of the stereotypes about the genre being unimaginative and almost impossible to expand.

Catch them live with French emo math rockers from SPORT, Brasil’s BETTER LEAVE TOWN and Venezia based NOEL this Saturday, August 13th at Spazio Aereo in Porto Marghera, Veneto, Italy. Go here to RSVP.

Photo by Maria Tsvetkova.


Hey guys! Congratulations on your monumental new record! How has this Spring and Summer been treating you?

Before we dig deeper into the record, please tell me about your journey with this band. Who introduced you to post hardcore and post metal music and what prompted you to form FALL OF MINERVA?

The name of the band brings in my mind some interesting conceptual visions. What was the story behind it while putting the band together?

Apart from this debut full length, can you tell us some unforgettable milestones from the short history of this band?

Ok, so let’s learn more about your writing process. Tell me about how you give birth to these powerful cross-genre tracks and how an exemplary new song sees the daylight?

Have you ever refused or delayed publishing new tracks as they did not answer your inner motifs?

Lyrically, what kind of significance do these new songs have to you?

Where are some of the biggest sources of inspiration for you guys and how they have made you the multifaceted artist you are today?

Ok guys, so how has been touring for you so far? Have you had any surreal moments being on the road with FALL OF MINERVA?

Do you have any desire to hit the road with this new record?

What other wishes do you have for yourself this year and what are your plans for the future of FALL OF MINERVA?

Thanks a lot for your time and sharing your thoughts with us! Feel free to wrap it up with your final words and take care! Best wishes from Poland!

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