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HAVEFORD – “The Great Bear Rainforest” video

The track comes from the band’s recent EP “Alaskan Summer”, released in July 2014. Follow them at this location and listen to the full EP below.


A house on a hill
Mountains to pay my bills
Keyboards I’ll rarely play, I never had skills anyway
But I’ve got you and I’ve got arms like windmills

You make me sway; I had never wanted you to stay
Hey, I know I don’t have a lot to say

You made me see-through
You’ve got me following you
You’ve got me crawling into places I thought I out grew

And I just lay; I only want you to stay
I swayed; I think you’re the best decision I made

We sleep through the things we don’t want to do
The radio in my bed as we paint all the walls blue
My head seeps; you know it cracks and spurs leaks
It’s spilling out to the streets through all the people we meet

We’ll build an ark to get through
We’ll be the crew me and you
We’ll just lay

Or use existence as a vessel
We can sleep or we can wrestle
I’ll avoid what might remind someday the both of us will die

I hope you don’t mind
I hope you see me eye to eye, all the faces that we make
All the ways that we can sway

I hope you don’t want me to go too faraway to live
You know I want to stay
I’ve got some love to give and insecurities

I hope you’re taken by surprise sometimes
I’m not bored
I swear I’m looking at your eyes
I’m drawing constellation lines from stars we ripped out of the sky

I know I’m a never ending cycle of repeating every night
I’m not bored, I’ve been watching tv through reflections in your eyes
In your eyes, I hope you’re taken by surprise sometimes

I could lie here for my entire life
My tired life

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